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Top Tips To Get Rid Of Hair Curls Naturally

Woman with naturally curly hair know the struggle and the extra effort it takes to manage their hair. It takes a lot of patience and struggle to deal with curly frizzy hair.

Women are tempted towards straightening their hair or blow drying them to get rid of hair curls. When it comes to women hair care, heat styling can prove to be very damaging for hair.

Following are some excellent tips that can help you to get rid of hair curls fast:

Flat Irons

Using flat irons or hair dryers to straighten hair can be very unhealthy as the heat damages the hair. The heat from straightening irons and hair dryers weakens the cuticle of hair which protects the hair from getting damaged.

No matter how many heat protectants you use, no matter how low you put your heat setting on your straightener, your hair will still get damaged because when you set your straightener on a low heat you go over the hair section multiple times and end up causing as much damage as high heat setting would’ve caused it.

Blow Drying

Blow drying your hair after washing it makes your hair rough and dry because the heat basically dries out the natural oils in your hair which is unhealthy for scalp. If you have to blow dry your hair anyway, then keep the heat on minimum setting so that the damage is also minimized.

  • In order to get rid of hair curls the first step is to get rid of hair frizz. Firstly, abstain from brushing your hair. You can use a wide teeth comb instead of a regular brush or you can just run your fingers through your hair.
  • There are some natural products too that can help you manage your hair frizz.
  • Vinegar is an excellent way to treat frizzy hair.
  • Massaging whipped egg onto your scalp can not only get rid of frizz but it can also bring shine and nourish your hair.remedies to get rid of curl hair
  • Applying banana mask can also help in moisturizing hair and reducing frizz.
  • You can also oil your hair just to make sure your hair stays hydrated. Deep condition your hair with coconut oil every week. This significantly reduces dryness and frizziness. Coconut oil has molecules small enough that they can penetrate through the outer cortex of the hair strand.
  • If you have color treated hair or if your hair is naturally dry then that’s going to cut back on your frizz problem.
  • Frizzy curls most likely mean that your hair is dehydrated. Make sure you use moisturizing products and always apply conditioner every time you wash it.
  • Instead of using flat irons or hair dryers invest in hair products that moisturize your hair and help you get rid of hair frizz but choose your hair products wisely. You can ask a hair stylist for guidance to choose the perfect curling iron for your hair type.
  • Comb your hair when it’s wet and avoid brushing it when dry because you may end up breaking and losing a lot of hair.
  • There are tons of shampoos and conditioners that loosen curls without damaging hair.
  • You can also use hair dryers that have cold setting. They dry your hair through cold air which does not damage hair.
  • Perhaps you can invest in a hair product that keeps your wavy hair in their best form. This will improve the appearance of the waves, and maybe you will end up loving them.
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