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Gothic Makeup: How to Rock It in 2017

Gothic makeup can be worn in many different ways. It is loved the world over, as it stands out in a crowd even from afar. Most women like it because it is dramatic, bold and an excellent alternative look for parties. Here are few ways you can rock Gothic makeup this year.

1. Show off what is best

Unlike what most people think, Gothic makeup isn’t just about dark smudgy eyes and drawing thick eyebrows. The best way to rock Gothic makeup is by focusing on your best features. For instance, if you are blessed with good skin, show off that flawless porcelain skin and simply sport bold lips.

Tip: If you don’t have perfect skin, hide away all blemishes and imperfections by using a foundation two shades lighter than yours. To carry off the Goth look, it is important to have healthy and fresh skin with makeup in contrasting red, burgundy, cherry, wine or other shades.

Gothic makeup 2017

2. Dark lips with soft eyes

One of the hottest trends in Gothic makeup this year is sporting dark lips with soft eyes. Go minimal on makeup; go for maybe just a nice base. And then use a dark bold lipstick to bring all the attention to your lips. Keep your eye makeup absolutely soft or minimal.

Tip: When sporting dark lips, ensure your eyebrows are well-groomed. Darken your brows a little to draw the emphasis to your lips and make your pout more prominent.

3. Metallic eyes with dark lips

If you want to bring a little focus to your eyes too, along with bold lips, wear metallic eye colour. To sport this look, make sure you have a flawless complexion. Once again, your brows must be well-groomed and defined. A hint of mascara, naturally glowing skin with dark lips, and you are set to rock the look.

Tip: Use matte foundation to even out your skin. If you don’t like metallic shades, try glossy eyelids. You can also apply gloss to your lower lip and leave upper the one untouched to get more dimension.

4. Accentuate your eyes

Gothic makeup, in a broader sense, means accentuated eyes. To get this look, you must use lots and lots of layers of makeup on your eyes. Use a lot of browns, blacks, ebony and even dark grey shades of eye shadow. Use all your creativity in smudging and creating that dark smokey Gothic look.

Tip: We cannot lay enough stress on importance of well-defined eyebrows here. You can also use some adornment for your eyebrows which is in vogue right now.

More tips for rocking the Gothic look

1. Find a lipstick which others aren’t wearing. Gothic make up is about sporting what no one else is.
2. Do not mistake pale skin for white and caked. We agree that pale skin is important for Gothic makeup, but stick to your skin tone. Pale doesn’t mean white!
3. Always use liquid eyeliner to create your desired look. And if you are going to use it on your lower lid too, make sure you don’t use it on the inside.
4. To complete your look, it is important to wear your hair the right way. Experiment with the wet look, edgy cuts, chic ponytails, chignons and soft wavy hairstyles. You can also add some volume to the top and keep your sides sleek or curly.
5. Gothic makeup looks best at night, especially at parties. You definitely cannot wear it to work or college.
6. You can wear Gothic make up even at romantic evenings or friends’ parties. The trick is knowing what to focus on and when.
7. Keep your nails short and square. Wear any dark colours you like.

Things you need

  • A good concealer
  • Foundation
  • Eye shadow
  • Kohl
  • Liner pencil
  • Lash curler
  • Mascara
  • Lash comb
  • Lashes
  • Bold lip colour

If you don’t like going very dark, and prefer a slightly romantic look, here is a video tutorial for you:

And for those of you who like a mix of Goth and metal makeup, here is a tutorial for you:

So go try Gothic makeup today.

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