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Gym Bag Essentials: 8 Things You Need To Add If You Haven’t Yet!

gym bag essentials men and womenAre you one of those, who go to the gym empty handed or do not not know what essentials do you need to carry to the gym? If yes, then hold on we have got the best gym bag essentials lined up, which are perfect for anyone and any goal.

Whether you’re starting out or have been working out for years, they can make your workout more productive than ever therefore, fill your bag with the given items below.

1. Quality Training Clothes

The first step towards a great workout is to have a good quality training clothes. Otherwise your workout will turn out to be far less than satisfactory. So, before you head out to the gym do not forget to pack some well fitting yet breathable clothes. Remember it’s all about the fitting of the clothes for the workout than looking fashionable.

2. Training Shoes

To explain, how important the training shoes are is quite not possible. Therefore, invest your precious money in a pair of shoes that will support your need for the type of training you will doing. In addition, make sure they are comfortable and fit right else you will end up getting blisters or it will result in poor performance.

At the end if there’s a little space left to add a few more things in the bag, add shower slippers. Even the cleanest of men or women locker room can have those nasty germs that can cause infection such as athlete’s foot. So, do not forget to use them!

3. Your Favorite Music

Your Favorite Music

A great workout is so incomplete without an incredibly motivating music and most people just can’t do without it. So, just make sure that the list of music is your own. It is your personal collection of your favorite music that will make you work more than usual and deliver far better results.

4. Heart Rate Monitor

There is no point of working out for hours in the gym, if you don’t keep a real-time track of your progress. It can be done in various ways such as keep a log, take pictures, measure yourself etc. One of them is to keep a track of your heart rate. It can be used during cardio and lifting sessions to stay in the desired zone.

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Some of these quality heart rate monitors also provides an estimate of the total calories burned, which can be useful for fat loss. Therefore, add this little gadget in your gym bag essentials list.

5. Towel

Gyms usually don’t provide towels, body or face wipes, but even if they did, would you actually use one of them? Therefore, bring a good fluffy towel to shower and your favorite body or face wipe to keep your sweat to yourself, while working out.

gym towel

We all do know that sweating is absolutely normal in the gym, but no one wants to workout or sit in your sweat. So, remember to wipe the equipments you use after you finish using them with the body or face wipes.

6. Body Wash and Other Essentials

If you have time for a shower after your workout, then a good antibacterial body wash is a must for you to add to your bag. It will help you prevent all those skin infection that are caused by those dreadful germs from sweating or by getting in the direct contact with other infected person or a thing.

Along with them, add small sized bottles of shampoo & conditioner if required, a face wash and a moisturizer to your bag. Stay healthy and clean!

7. Multi Purpose Bottle

Your gym bag will be totally incomplete if you do not have a good quality shaker bottle, to add to it. This single bottle can be used for all your refreshment needs. Be it, your pre or intra workout supplements for bodybuilding, water or your post workout protein/carb combo.

Therefore, make sure to grab a good shaker bottle if you don’t have one to drink your supplement and protein without a clumpy mixture.

8. Light Snack

Don’t literally sit down to have a three course meal immediately after working out. Instead, pack a light snack that contains protein & carbohydrates both in advance to keep yourself energized. Stay away from from foods that are high in saturated fat and oil.

light snacks after workout

This will help you replace the glycogen stores in your body quickly and effectively. Make sure to wait a minimum of 15 minutes after the workout, but to have it within two hours.

Make your workout routines more effective with the help of what you carry along, but at the end no matter what give in your 100% to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. It takes time, but tastes sweet!

About The Author: Jorge Gonzales is a blogger, sports lover and a fitness enthusiast who believes in healthy living. Through his write ups, he shares his knowledge about health, fitness and muscle-building. He very well explained the fusion of using technology in fitness in his latest write-up about get tech fit. Cheers..!

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