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10 Health Benefits of Oranges For Your Heart and Stomach

orange-heath-benefitsIn the summer season, there are some fruits which not only tastes great but have many health benefits too that can be used in treating various kinds of diseases.

Orange is one such fruit in the category. Rich in citric acid, oranges have many hidden health benefits. Not only for health, but orange is beneficial for getting a glowing and sparkling skin too.

Today we will talk about these health benefits of oranges.

1. For a Healthy Heart

Electrolyte minerals and potassium found in Orange is great for a healthy heart. Low amounts of potassium in the body can hamper heartbeat. Irregular or slow heartbeat is called arrhythmia. oranges are beneficial for such heart problems.

2. Treats Constipation

It is not surprise anymore to know that spicy and oily foods often creates the problem of constipation. To deal with this problem, more and more fiber-rich foods should be used. Such fiber-rich foods can easily digest the food and at the same time helps in getting relief from constipation.

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3. Rids of Viral Infection

Polyphenols found in orange helps our body to prevent viral infections due to changing weather.

4. Reduces Cholesterol

Oranges are rich in fiber which lowers blood cholesterol levels. Those who are getting tired too soon and have heart problems can take benefits of fiber-rich orange for a better health.

5. Keeps Away From Diseases

Oranges are abundant source of Vitamin C which helps to neutralize free radicals. It helps to keep away free radical damages that have been associated with cancer and heart problems.

6. Prevents Cancer

Citrus Limonoids is present in Orange, which helps in keeping away many kind of bacterias. It also fights to prevent bacterias that can cause cancer in breast, skin, stomach and colon.

7. Benefits The Eyes

oranges-for-beautiful-eyesCarotenoids compound and Vitamin A rich fruit orange can help in treating dryness of the eye, glaucoma, getting water from the eyes and many other eye related problems.

8. Prevents Kidney Diseases

Negligence of eating habits can make your kidney suffer the most. By drinking a glass of orange juice every day, one can easily prevent many types of kidney problems and diseases.

9. Maintains Blood Pressure

Oranges are rich in Magnesium and Hesperidin too, which keeps your blood circulating properly. So, next time if you are getting blood pressure problems, grab a glass of orange juice.

oranges-for-sparkling-skin10. Gives Sparkling Skin

Beta-carotene is found in orange which contains anti-oxidant properties. This property protects our body cells from getting any kind of damages, which eventually prevents getting any marks on your skin. Hence, a beautiful and glowing skin.

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