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The Health-Conscious Woman’s Guide to Breast Augmentation

the-health-conscious-womans-guide-to-breast-augmentationThe stigma that once made plastic surgery a hush-hush thing is becoming a thing of the past. In its place, we’re getting a clearer picture of who decides to get breast augmentation. Among the millions who undergo the surgery each year, there’s a distinct subset: active, athletic, health-conscious women.

These women want to look and feel their best — but they’re a little apprehensive about the implications of elective surgery. Sound familiar? If that’s you, here a few things you should know.

Breastfeeding Is Still Fine

Because breast augmentation is so popular with women in their 20s and 30s, many women have questions about their ability to breastfeed after surgery. There’s an enduring misconception that breast implants completely eliminate the possibility of future breastfeeding. Happily, it’s completely untrue.

Due in part to its popularity, breast augmentation has become an extremely efficient and precise surgery. When it’s performed by a highly qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon, it disrupts as few of the surrounding tissues and structures as possible, leading to a quicker, more comfortable recovery. And to preserve the milk-producing structures of the breast, most surgeons can make the incision along the inframammary crease, the fold where the bottom of the breast meets the chest. Dr. Sean Bidic, for example, performs breast augmentation in Vineland and says the inframammary incision is his most common choice. (It also happens to be the safest incision location.)

You Can Get Back To Exercise Fairly Quickly

Whether your preferred activity is weightlifting, Zumba®, swimming, or running, breast augmentation is compatible – provided you give yourself enough time to recuperate. It can be tough for otherwise active women to slow down after surgery, but rest and relaxation are some of the best ways to ensure you heal properly and your results last for as long as possible. Some exercises can promote a speedy recovery, as well, such as low-impact cardiovascular activity (think walking or slow cycling).

The timeline for returning to vigorous exercise is up to your surgeon. What matters most is following your postoperative instructions as closely as possible.


Complications Are Rare

Although it’s purely cosmetic, breast augmentation is still surgery, and all surgery carries some degree of risk. The best thing you can do to minimize these risks is to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who has demonstrated consistently good results with breast augmentation.

Complications do occur, but they’re uncommon and typically aesthetic, not medically harmful. These can include irregularities in the position of one or both implants, or a scarring condition called capsular contracture that develops when the body produces too much scar tissue around an implant.

In the past, there have been concerns about the safety of silicone implants. That concern led to important advancements, and today’s silicone implants have been determined by the FDA to be just as safe as saline. Most doctors and patients alike also agree that modern silicone gel implants look and feel more natural.

Breast augmentation is safer and more effective than ever — and it’s perfectly compatible with a healthy lifestyle, too.

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