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Holiday Skin Care Guide for Each Skin Type

The Holidays!! It is that year of time once again when our calendars fill up with all get-together and parties. It is also a wonderful time for every woman to look at their best for the well-deserved holidays. Holidays bring not only joy and cheer but also make your skin dull by stress, sleep deprivation, out-of-town guests and more.

Enjoy your holiday season with perfect radiant skin at Christmas or New Year Eve Party by following some simple and easy holiday skin care tips that every woman can use.

#1. Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

Excess and useless oil makes your skin to lose its beauty. Maintaining clean and clear skin is the very important step to sparkle this holiday season. We strongly recommend some healthy holiday skin care tips to get rid of useless oil on your skin.


  • Always keep your face clean by washing it at least 5-6 times a day to remove excess oil formed on the skin which is the first and most essential step you have to take towards oil free skin.
  • Your skin requires moisture like any other type of skin but go for moisturizers that do not make your skin oilier.
  • Applying thin layer of magnesium could benefit you greatly from your oily skin as it contains anti-bacterial nature which removes excess fat from the skin.
  • You can also try some home-made facial masks like strawberry face mask and banana sugar face mask to get the skin free from oil and smooth looking.
  • Having fruits more can increase vitamins in your body that fights against oily skin and using sunscreen lotion is also important for every skin type.

#2. Beauty Tips For Dry Skin


Dry, rough and itchy skin is one of the worst woes of this season. Get your glow back by some of these holiday skin care tips.

  • Your body tends to lose moisture due to dry airs which come along with winter holiday season that leave your skin dehydrated and rough. Drinking enough fluids can help your skin to become hydrated and look fresh.
  • To get through the winter skin problems, reach for an oil free moisturizer which keeps your skin hydrated and smooth. Apply moisturizer immediately after your face wash that fights against peeling skin on your face and prevents break-outs.
  • Don’t over rub if you want a gentle skin care regimen. Clean your face with soap free cleanser twice a day and apply rich body cream or butter that keeps your skin hydrated all day.
  • Exfoliation helps you greatly in removing dry cells on your face and resolves certain skin problems and gives very glowing and beautiful skin.
  • A steamy shower gives you a good feel but hot water is not good for your skin dryness. Avoid too much hot water baths.

#3. Beauty Tips For Normal Skin


For flawless and healthy glowing skin as before during holiday season, some extra skin care regimen is needed.

  • Stay hydrated to keep your skin glowing and radiant. Make sure you are taking enough fluids all the day during holiday shopping to avoid dry skin. Increase your water before going to bed as well.
  • Don’t forget to remove your make-up before you hit your pillow at night. Keeping your make-up on face all the night causes clogged pores and break-outs that make your holiday disappointing.
  • No matter how busy you are, keep up your skin care routine without fail. Caring your skin will maintain your skin looking healthier, younger and glowing as usual.
  • Pamper yourself by getting relaxing facials during stressful holiday season. Facials result in smooth and bright skin and keep you relaxed throughout the holiday season.
  • Smile is your best accessory when going through holiday rush. It improves your appearance instantly and brightens your skin.

Beat holiday stress by following some gentle tips that gives you much-needed boost this holiday season and enhances your complexion.


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