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Study Life Balance : How Do I Organise My Life

study life balanceFinding a strategy and knowing how to get organized were some of the most difficult tasks I had to achieve, but life rolled smoothly after I came up with a system that worked. I was able to balance online school, family life and a small business.

If I were to try to explain how get organized or how to organise your life, I would say that a person should start by making an outline of life. That’s how I did it. I grabbed my customized pen and a paper and broke my life down into these five strategic categories:

1. Perfecting Time Management

Time management was one of the most important aspect of my strategy. Only 24 hours existed in each day, so I had to make the most out of every second. I had to save time as much as possible getting assistance from other people. For example, I had one of my relatives cook dinner while I cleaned the house.

I had contractors count the inventory while I gave presentations. I also had to teach myself how to stay disciplined with time frames. For example, I had to force myself to stop working on a project if I only had four hours allotted for a specific activity. I found that dedicating time allotments to different activities helped give me the extra push to get the activities done.

2. Setting the Order of Priorities

Setting the order of priorities is what helped to get the most out of each moment of my life. Furthermore, it helped me to complete the important things first and leave the less important activities to chance. The goal was always to complete every task within 24 hours each day, but I would feel accomplished if I at least finished the priority activities.

My order of priorities was as follows: higher power, family, business, school and miscellaneous. Synchronizing my priorities with the time management system was my biggest challenge. My days had to start as early as possible. I aimed for 5 A.M. every morning because it gave me time to pray and meditate. Next, I had breakfast with the family. After eating with the family, I took care of the business.

The online learning was a blessing to me because it allowed me to do fit the schoolwork into my schedule. I did schoolwork at night after the store was closed most of the time. I see some benefits of online learning in that it provided me with the additional training and skills that I needed without stripping anything from the other areas of my life.

3. Staying Healthy

I had to stay healthy to keep a schedule like the one I kept. I had to ensure that I drank enough water every day and ingested vitamins that would stabilize my energy level. Additionally, I made sure I got involved at a local gym and worked out on the weekends. I did cardiovascular activities that kept my heart pumping and my metabolism roaring.

Staying healthy also meant that I had to be disciplined enough to get the sleep I needed. In other words, I set a time to go to bed, and I went to bed at that time with no excuses. That helped me to stay mentally and physically strong so that I had the energy I needed to perform all my daily tasks. Tending to kids, customers, classmates and colleagues required me to be energetic at all times. Proper sleep, nutrition and exercise were essential during my time of of balancing everything.

4. Indulging in Rest and Recreation

I mentioned that resting was important, but recreation was important also. I had to set some time apart to do something that I enjoyed doing. My weekly recreational activity gave me some time to change the scenery and not focus so much on duties, tasks and responsibilities. Part of the reason that my strategy worked so well was that I took that recreational time faithfully whether I felt like it or not.

I am a person who easily falls into doing too much work. Creating a schedule of “disciplined fun” was challenging to me. My disciplined fun was majorly enjoyable. I usually went to the movies or participated in a sporting activity such as bowling.

5. Nurturing the Family Unit

Nurturing the family unit went beyond just having breakfast with family members. It also involved having long conversations about everyone’s day, playing video games and going out to family events. It involved sitting around watching movies and reading books. The goal was always to enjoy one another using the time that we had.

My system took about a month to develop into something successful. At first, I didn’t know how to balance work and family. I started seeing significant changes in life after about 90 days. i still use the same system every day, and it works for everyone who is in my life.

About Riya : Riya is a small business owner, and is currently learning about marketing, using the internet. She is now also attending online real estate course at National Real Estate Learning. Aside from working on her own business, she likes to use social media, and read travel books. Find her on Twitter


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