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How To Get Lower Abs – Secrets Revealed – Top 5 Tips for Lower Abs

I don’t think there is anything more frustrating than doing regular exercise, especially abdominal exercises, without seeing the results of your hard work.

It is a difficult thing to bring proper definition to the abdomen area, unless you know the exact workouts and exercises to do. In this article, I will give you my top 5 tips that will show you how to get clearly defined lower abs quickly.

Focus on the Lower Abs

When you start to develop strong muscles in the stomach, a natural consequence of that, is that the upper abs tend to develop quicker than the lower abs.

When that happens, then because of the strength in that area, we tend to pull with those, rather than really focus on the lower muscles.

The best way to counteract this natural tendency is to crunch down as hard as you can on these lower muscles, and focus on doing that alone. Two great ways of doing that are the reverse crunch, and the toughest, which is the hanging leg raises.

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Include The Lower Abs In All Types of Workouts

There are times when your training and workouts will just focus on the abs. However, if like me you do training such as cardio or playing a sport, try to remember to apply this to the abs as well.

One great tip I learned from a guy with a really ripped 6-pack, was that when he was sitting at work, he would really focus hard on tightening his ab section.

This sounds simple, but if you could only see what I mean, then you would understand what a huge difference this single tip can make. It certainly worked for me as well.

Make Your Lower Ab Workouts High Quality

hanging-leg-raisesNow this one I was certainly guilty of. When I started working out my lower abs my single ambition was to be able to 50 hanging leg raises.

It took me a while but I got there. Did I see much of a difference? There was not a single change at all and that left me frustrated big time.

To this day I can not remember where I read about this and the advice offered seemed strange, but it worked. I have shared this with others and it has also worked for them.

Forget about how many you can do, and put all your effort into doing 10 high quality reps, where you really crunch the lower abs. Do them slowly and with great focus. It hurts like hell at the start, but boy do you quickly see the difference.

Slow Leg Lifts

I used to give real lip service to this exercise to be honest. I think on reflection it was because there was no fancy equipment and it just bored me to death. This is the exercise where you lie flat on your back on a mat on the floor.

Keep your hands flat on the ground with your palms facing downwards. Now this is where I used to get this wrong.

I used to keep my legs straight and lift them up slowly and then back down. That is actually a good upper ab exercise, but does little or nothing for the lower ones.

This is how you should do it. Starting in the same position, just ever so slightly bend the knees, and then slowly bring them to a vertical position.

Lower slowly until they almost touch the ground, and then repeat again for 10 times. You can then do about 5 sets of these and work your way up to 10 sets.

Two things make a huge difference if you do this one properly. That slight bend in the knees crunches the lower abs, and the slow rise and fall, strengthens them, thus adding to their overall definition.

Tweak Your Diet A Little

I call these my ab foods and for a very good reason. healthy-diet-for-absThe dreaded fat for some reason likes to occupy the lower abdominal area.

It is simply the way our body deals with extra fat. I thought my diet was pretty good but there are some foods that I was not eating that are good in reducing the overall fat content.

I did eat fish, nuts, vegetables and rice and they all certainly help.

I was recommended to add berries at breakfast time and to eat more yogurt. I have started this and it has helped though I am still not and never will be a fan of yogurt.

I hope that you have enjoyed these 5 quick tips on how to get better looking and more defined lower abs.


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  1. The lower abs a trouble spot for many. Targeting the transverse muscles and a great diet seem to burn that belly fat quickly.
    Thanks for sharing these tips.


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