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How to Be Fab Even with a Limited Budget

Sad to say, with the way things go with the present economy, it is now much harder to allot even some budget for your clothes. Good thing there are still a lot of ways that you can do to look more fabulous than ever even if your budget is very limited!

With the present tough times in the economy and the skyrocketing prices of clothes, it may usually feel as if your clothing budget just keeps going smaller and smaller. However, there is really no need to worry!

By only having some perseverance, you will be able to make yourself and even your families look and stay fabulous. Here are some of the best ways that will be able to help you in looking fab even with a very restricted budget.

Check What You Have and Have Not

Before you start to shop, conduct an inventory first of the things that you have and those which you need. This is the perfect time to check all your clothes and forget those that you do not wear or has already grown small.

Come Up with a List

After checking, come up with a list of the clothes that you have been dying to have. Scan the list once again and mark those that are necessary.

Go Window Shopping

Visit your favorite shops and boutiques to know the trendy look for the current year. You might want to window shop also through the catalogs.

Conduct a Research

Scam through newspaper ads and check stores that have sales and discount promos. Give more attention on sale items and their prices. Inquire from other people if they also know places that also offer great sales.

Go For Catalogue Shopping

Yes, its true with catalogue shopping, you can grab the best deals available as well as can save lots of your money. Check out our article on Things to Know When Buying Through Online Catalogues.

Scout for Accessories

For finishing touches, accessories are very much needed for they make the ultimate statement of the look that you want to achieve. With your present accessories, you can already come up with a newer look or you can also buy new ones which will help in enhancing what you currently have.

Redo the Old Ones

If you want to save some budget, you can also do it by redoing your old clothes and turn them to look like new ones. With the use of your imagination, you will be able to achieve a fresher look. For example, the buttons on your blouse and sweater can be changed from the simple to the extraordinary ones.

Visit Flea Markets and Thrift Stores

You will surely be able to find great deals in flea markets and thrift stores. However, always be careful when looking for clothes. Check them for holes and stains that they may have.

Sell and Swap

Those clothes that you have set aside can be taken to consignment shops or you can also put them up on a garage or yard sale. With the old clothes’ sake proceed, you will be able to buy newer ones if you do not want to sell them, you might also try trading clothes with some of your friends. This is definitely a good way expanding your wardrobe.

Even with a limited budget, you will still be able to maintain chic and fabulous. If you stay on top of your retail credit cards, you can raise your credit score and have more funds available. Of course, the cheapest would be through wearing a smile on your face all the time.

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