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How to Start a Ketogenic Diet Plan

Ketogenic diet resources work by switching the primary fuel source in the body which is sugar to body fat. When the body switches from carbohydrate-based fuel, some changes in health will occur. The diet may not work to cure your disease but it is definitely a healthy way to approach various diseases.

Before you begin taking a ketogenic diet, you should consider checking with your physician. He or she will advise you on which plan is best suited for you depending on your medical history or your current state.

If you have kidney disease, you must check with your physician and with a nutritionist before planning a ketogenic diet. If you have cancer, consider planning a ketogenic diet plan with your doctor.

What to Consider Before Deciding on a Ketogenic Diet

1. A ketogenic diet requires you to track the amounts of carbs in your food. The first thing you should consider is how many grams of carbs work for you in order to achieve ketosis. Ketosis is the metabolic way that the body uses fat metabolism products to make energy.

2. How much protein should you take? A small amount of protein will yield suboptimal results while too much protein can even be allergic.

3. Nutrient intake – On a ketogenic diet, nutrient intake should be about 70-75% fat calories, 30% protein and 5-8% carbs. Calorie counting is not required but it is important to know the percentages of the calories you are taking.

4. Do not forget about macro nutrients. It is important to know that macronutrient percentages can affect calorie percentage. Low or high percentages of macro nutrients will interfere with calorie intake.

5. Remember to replace foods containing carbs with foods that have more fat and moderate to high amounts of protein.

How to Start A Ketogenic Diet

After visiting your physician and deciding on which foods will be included in your ketogenic diet, you can now begin your diet. Here are some tips to help you start:

  • Get a guide to help you count the carbs you take every day. Ketogenic diet resources require you to have a limited intake of carbs.
  • Remove all carbs foods in your kitchen to avoid temptation.
  • You do not need to buy low carb foods. You just have to limit the intake of carbs and take whole foods. You should also include whole grains and avoid processed food. Also, avoid sweeteners and sugar.
  • Be prepared to spend more time in the kitchen preparing your meals.
  • Drink water – Staying hydrated is very important, whether you are on a diet or not. Water has 0% calories and also helps in flushing out toxins from the body.
  • Find a way to track the food you eat every day. Creating a list before you begin your ketogenic diet will make it easier when you start.
  • Don’t let weight loss be the main purpose for starting a ketogenic diet.
  • Consider taking some vitamins and natural supplements.

Thanks for reading. What do you think about this Ketogenic diet? Does it really helps to lose weight, let us know.

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