The proverb goes “All work and no Play makes Jack a Dull boy”. Nowadays, it has almost been forgotten that sports education and academic learning are complementary to each other. They are nothing but the resemblance of two sides of the same coin.

If sports education is provided simultaneously with the academic curriculum, then overall personality of a student can be increased to some formidable extent. The qualities like leadership, team spirit, tolerance, and sharing can be learned from various sports. In AustralianWritings, assignment help online is said to be overused by students who take priority in sports rather than academic studies, though the research below should destroy that conviction.

Blend of Academics and Sports:

Sports education not just teaches the pupils to maintain their physical stamina, but enhances the habit of discipline, obedience, willpower, and the determination to win. Whereas the reasoning power, vocational specialization, and mental development come from the theoretical academic education in the students. Therefore, a fine blend of the academics along with the sports education result in an all-round improvement of the students.

In today’s age, many Sports Entrepreneurship Management in Australia has established themselves to be very important. With the introduction of sports in educational curriculum, it has become a very important aspect to managing the things. Various companies like Australian Sports Commission (AIS), Australian Sports Academy (ASA), South Australian Sports Institute (SASI), Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS) etc are helping the educational institutions to manage the activities associated with sports.

Blend of Academics and Sports

Influence of Sports on Students and Their Education:

  • A real sportsman always follows the rules of the games and obeys them. It helps them to make good comments to their superiors. It also teaches them maintaining teamwork, building leadership qualities, and displaying team spirit. In addition, sports trains the pupils to accept the defeat with a smile and always maintains the virtue of humility even in victory. Sports is undoubtedly the healthiest means of recreation and refreshments.
  • Any person who is good with one walk in his life gains confidence automatically in others. Hence, if one is really good at sports, it is obvious that their confidence will definitely spill over to their academics as well. They are motivated to give their best with having the confidence boost up on their side.
  • Nowadays the education system makes the students emphasise more on their respective mental development and rejects the physical activities completely. As a result, an overall outcome is a group of professionals and graduates having the poor physique and weak bodies. The curriculum should include games, sports, and education on physical health to provide development of the students in all aspect.
  • With the advent of various leagues in various sports like football, cricket, AFL, Rugby, Australian Rules Football and Horse Racing in Australia, the capacity of earning money in sports-persons has increased considerably which is making their life easier for them – obviously, a rich factor for the students to be influenced towards sports.
  • Sports releases a special kind of feel-good endorphin that elevates the mood, especially in teenage. During student life, there is a peace of mind which allows a greater concentration – simply results in a good mood to perform considerably well in other fields too. Sports also acts as an exceptional outlet for frustrations.

Importance of Sports Great influence to provide quality Education

According to a report published in 2015 in “Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies“:

  • The student-athletes used to display higher leveled leadership quality, self-respect and self-confidence than that of students who did not take part in sports during high school.
  • When compared to the students who were reluctant to participate in sports in school, the student-athletes are more generous as far as donating to charity or doing volunteer work are concerned.
  • There is a significant difference in how sports enthusiasts perceived better time management skills than the students who was never involved in sports in their academic career.

A statement is quite justified that “A sound mind resides only in a sound body” — without sports and physical activities, a strong and healthy body is next to impossible. Along with bookish learning, sports is of paramount importance for all-around physical as well as mental development of the students.


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