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Important Considerations When Looking for a Good Workout Schedule for Men

Workout Schedule for MenWe all want the “best of the best”, why settle for less. But how do you make sure that the workout schedule for men, that you have found is among the best?

If you are used to doing just the slightest amount of online shopping, my guess is you most likely also had the experience, that whatever was promised in a sales copy of any workout schedule for men you have been looking at, did not necessary match the content and end result.

The health and fitness industry is not an easy category to search through. The market is so big and everybody of course is trying to get a piece of the cake. Simply look up the term health expert in Google and you get almost hits.

How on earth would you ever find the time an energy to go through all those experts? How are you ever going to figure out if this so called “health expert” is actually someone that will provide you with HIGH QUALITY knowledge and tools, that actually create the results you are looking for?

My aim with this post, is to give you some simple criteria, you can use when searching for a workout schedule for men.


This is probably the most important question you can ask yourself, before going into the fitness jungle and looking for a workout schedule for men.

Are you looking for a beginner workout schedule, workout plans for men to build muscle (maybe even a bodybuilding workout or long term bodybuilding training programs) or something more simple like ab routines for men?

There are so many people trying to sell you something and some people are very talented, when it comes to delivering a killer sales copy.

The easiest way to make a quick decision about a product is to compare the promise with your goal, before you get caught in sales copy triggering your emotions with promises of “eternal youth”.

So… before you start you journey, become very clear about the result you want. The more clear you can get, the easier it is for you to decide if a certain product will help you make it happen or not.

2. Are YOU the Action in your Workout Schedule for Men?

Here is a very simple but TRUE fact. NO ONE will ever become healthy and fit WITHOUT taking some kind of action. You NEED to workout to change your body. If the basis of a product is supplements – DON`T BUY IT  – period.

You can´t eat you way into muscle growth. Diet is a very important factor that will help you reach your health goals faster, however diet alone will not make your muscles grow – YOU need to get active.

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Quality dietary supplements can help you along the way, but don´t trust any program that is based on supplements.

3. WHO has created the product and what does a Google search tell me about that person?google-search

The very first thing I do when deciding whether or not I want a program, that promises me the results I am looking for, is to take a a thorough look at WHO the creator is.

Not just the name, but really dig into what kind of results the creator has made with other clients and how well recognized he/she is within the respective niche.

I don´t want to waste my time on someone who can not show me factual evidence about their skills – choose someone who on a consistent basis has been able to create great workouts for men.

In the end there really only is one thing that counts and that is whether or not you have reached your goal. The better someone is at guiding other people to reach their goal on a CONSISTENT basis, the higher chances are that you will also succeed.

You might miss a few upcoming stars, but why risk a potential bad program instead of choosing something that has shown to be effective for several others looking for that same result as you. To make sure you get the best workout for men routine, choose the “at this time” most result creating program.

SO…. even though the sales copy may look amazing, hold yourself back just a little and do a little background research first. All you have to do is do a simple Google search.

Simply type in the name of the creator and hit search. Once you got your search list, go through some of the pages and get a sense of who this person really is.

4. How is the Creator of the Product Looking?

This may seem like a weird question, but you can gain a lot of knowledge about someone’s true skills simply by taking a look at them – especially within the world of health.

I am ALWAYS looking for the “leading with a good example” type. I really does not make any sense to take weight loss advice from someone that is overweight!

If you are looking for abs workout for men, would you not trust a six pack more than wobbling belly?. Would you trust someone who has created a workout schedule for men that looks like all he has been doing is reading books?

Simply find pictures of the creator and judge whether or not you find that person to someone you would like to look like. If he/she is not looking healthy, chances are good that their program might not make you healthy either.

Only the true role models, the “doers”, can show you the way. I would much rather trust someone with controversial ideas but looking like I want to look, than someone with their knowledge backed up by science but looking like crap. I look for people that are leaders and “walk their talk”.

5. Does the “Product Promise” seem Realistic and Healthy?choose right supplements for right workout routine

Most of us want our goals to happen yesterday. Time is a major component in a sales copy and some people tend to promise unrealistic time frames in an attempt to stand out from their competitors.

NO workout schedule for men will change you into superman in one or two weeks. Sometimes magic can happen in short time, I just want to make sure you take this into consideration.

Your body will not change dramatically overnight, even though some people almost try to sell you that.

Making a healthy and natural physical shift will take a little amount of time. It does not have to take years, but “how to get a ripped killer six pack 3 weeks” may by a little to good to be true.

6. Is the Workout Schedule for Men You Have Found also Focusing on Building a Strong Functional Body?

I have to admit, that I am a sucker for function. Function is my #1 priority and looks and strength as secondary focus.

During my many years as a health care practitioner and working with many athletes it becomes obvious that function is much more important than looks and strength.

In the long run, focusing only on looks most likely will end up in an injury, which will keep you from staying pretty.

I have had lots of different kind athletes that focused on becoming stronger in certain movement patterns only to become less functional.

The same thing with people working out to change their looks in a certain way, forgetting to exercise their entire body, ending up with bad postures and multiple overuse injuries.

FUNCTION is EVERYTHING. Your body is an integrated organism. What you do for area side of your upper body WILL affect every other part of your body.

Here are some general rules to use for a good workout schedule for men

  • Should include all major movement patterns: Squat, Lunge, Pull, Push, Twist, Bend
  • NO machines – using machines will make your body less intelligent since your stabilizers will not be forced to work as hard, thus making you stronger but less stable, which is a bad cocktail if you want to avoid injuries.

7. Are There Any Product Statements and What are They Telling Me?

Statements are an excellent marketing trick due to the fact that it makes a product more trustworthy. Most sales pages include statements today so you might want to be a bit cautious (you will never hear the bad stories).

With that in mind simply take a look at what people are telling about their experience with a certain product. What I tend to look for is excitement but without exaggeration.

When I look for workout schedule for men, I want to know what people have experienced but if something sounds to magical I tend to get a little sceptical.

Also I prefer video statements, due to the simple fact that it is real people. A written statement can be made by anyone with a little creativity and pictures of friends.

8. Do I need to go to A Gym or Can I Workout from Home?gym-or-home

The last thing might seem obvious, but you should make a decision on whether you are looking for a gym workout schedule or simple at home workouts without weights.

If you can not afford or have access to a nearby gym there is no reason for buying . If you can not find any information on needed equipment simply contact customer support and they should be able to help you out.

A great workout schedule for men have to match with the equipment that is available to you. If you don´t have any equipment you should focus your hunt on body weight exercise (which can still be put together into a killer, muscle building workout program).

So hopefully the above criteria will help you in your search for your perfect match. In my opinion there is NO SUCH THING as a one size fits all workout schedule for men.

There simply is to many individual thing to take into consideration, HOWEVER…. since most men like to build muscle (some more than others) there still is some amazing online workout schedules out there that will do exactly that and I will be digging in and reviewing them for you very soon.

Vijay Diwakarhttp://www.mybeautygym.com/
Vijay Diwakar has been in the health industry for more than 10 years. He has inspired people for Weight Loss, Building Muscles and Living a Healthy life. He also likes to write about Latest Trends at TrendsBuzzer. Stay Connected to him on Google+ and Facebook.


  1. Something helpful and meaningful to read. Its important to have a good workout schedule, if you are thinking of long terms in bodybuilding. Nice article Vijay.


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