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Iontophoresis for Excessive Sweating – How it Works?

Hyperhidrosis, which can cause your hands and feet to sweat excessively, is a particularly unpleasant condition. Unsurprisingly, most people who suffer from it are looking for a simple and proven treatment, and preferably one which does not require drugs to be taken.

The main drug free treatment for the condition is iontophoresis. This has such a good success rate that it has been widely adopted by health care systems around the world, and is now considered the best course of treatment for hyperhidrosis in most people, assuming that initial attempts to manage the condition with antiperspirants have failed.

Hyperhidrosis in both its primary and secondary forms is receptive to iontophoresis treatment, and it has the major advantage that it works well in the vast majority of areas of the body where excessive sweating tends to occur. Provided that the correct equipment is used, areas such as the face and neck can be readily treated, but it can be particularly effective for treating hands and feet. You really can get comfortable and dry in these areas by using this type of treatment, and thousands of patients can testify to what a massive difference this has made to their everyday lives.

How Iontophoresis Treatment Works

A huge advantage of iontophoresis machine is how simple it is to use, particularly when treating the feet and hands. All that you as the patient will need to do is to place the affected body parts – in other words, your hands or feet – into a water-filled bowl. A special machine is used to generate an electric current, which is weak enough to be completely safe, and this is passed through the water.

Scientists believe that the current from the electricity acts to block up the glands in the skin which open to allow sweating. An initial session will keep the glands closed for a day or two, after which you will need to treat again.

Many people are concerned that treatments involving electricity might be painful. In fact, the current used to treat hyperhidrosis in this way is sufficiently weak that all you are likely to feel is a little irritation and perhaps mild discomfort. This will generally pass very quickly, and as your symptoms become less problematic with further treatment, you will be able to increase the intervals between your iontophoresis sessions.

In fact, within two weeks, it is quite likely that you will be required undergo the treatment at intervals of a few weeks, rather than a few days – and you can treat yourself at home with a simple kit.

Using iontophoresis machine for excessive hands and feet sweating is highly effective, with a success rate of up to 90%. However, it does require you to maintain a treatment program in the long term, as hyperhidrosis will return if you cease to keep up with your plan.

Because iontophoresis is simple, quick, and easy to perform in the comfort of your own home, it should be fairly straightforward for you to get used to taking the few minutes you need to keep your feet and hands dry and comfortable. The number of people report significant increases in their quality of life because of this treatment is high, so you have an excellent chance of joining them.

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