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Maximum Effect, Minimum Effort

Maximum Effect, Minimum EffortIt’s the catch-22 of exercise: you want to get more out of your exercise routine but spending long hours in the gym doesn’t bear thinking about. So what is one meant to do? How are you supposed to get fitter, leaner, stronger and, let’s face it, finally slip into those pre-Christmas jeans you loved so much last autumn.

Well, it might sound impossible, but it is not. All you need to do is scrutinise your workout regime and make sure you are getting the most out of it. It’s about maximising your efforts, both inside and out of the gym.

#1. Know Your (Time) Limits

The optimum amount of time of most workouts is around the half hour mark, and certainly no longer than 45 minutes. Why? Well a half-hour workout demands a higher intensity, which means your body is exerting more energy in order to meet the physical demands you’ve laid out. Of course, you maybe thinking, “well if I go hard for longer, then I’m going to be getting more benefits,” but you’d be wrong. 30 minutes is pretty much the max for high intensity works. Any longer and your body will instinctively lower its output and you will run the risk of a slower recovery period.

#2. Be Intense

If you are new to exercise, it is crucial you ease your mind and body into it. Injury is more prone in beginners, and those who have had a prolonged break. If you can’t easily hold a conversation while running then you’re pushing yourself too hard. Once you feel confident with your base level of fitness, up the game. Push yourself, not too hard, but push yourself, and know the benefits of aerobic exercise compared to anaerobic. They will benefit different endgames, so do your research and know what you want.

#3. Shake It Baby

Shake It Baby

If you’re into using shakes, then you really need to know when the best time to use them is, otherwise you are not getting the most out of what they offer. A lot of people use them the night before, or even during their workout. This is wrong. The most effective time to use a protein or carb shake is immediately before your workout and immediately after. Why? Well, the one immediately before gets your amino acids flowing and the one after aids muscle growth. If you haven’t started on shakes yet, but have been considering it, why not get a promotional deal, like Myprotein, to start with and see how you get on.

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#4. H20

It’s no good drinking water after your workout because it take a good couple of hours for your body to reap the benefits of a good old hydrate. As such, you should start drinking water the moment you wake up, and keep hydrated throughout the day. Your body will absolutely love you for it.

#5. Balance

It’s one of the best tricks there is. Instead of lifting weights, or using resistance bands, while you are stood on two feet or holding onto a wall for stability, start doing the same motion while stood on one leg. Better yet, start exercising while on a Swiss exercise ball. This will mean your core muscles get used as well as the area you are focusing on with each lift.

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