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Muscle Building Diets For Raw Mass – How To Build Muscle Mass

Muscle building diets for raw massIf you are looking to gain muscle, a workout is not all that you will need. In order to gain muscle, you must also pay attention to and factor in what you are eating on a daily basis. Here are some tips that will help you create a diet that will help with muscle gain.

The key to building muscle is obviously cutting out fat. As a man, you do not want more than 10% of your daily caloric intake to amount from fat.

You will also want to watch your carbohydrates, and focus on a larger intake of protein. A rule of thumb on your goal amount of protein is to multiply your body weight by 1.2 and eat that many grams of protein each day.

Using your lean body mass (body weight without the fat) you can calculate the number of carbohydrates you need for the day. Multiple your fat-free weight by .03 and this is your answer.

Be sure to drink 8 full glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated. Stay away from diuretics, and sugary drinks. You should aim to eat six smaller meals per day, rather than the standard three meals. Eating more frequently will help your body stay fueled. If it helps, divide your numbers by 6 to determine per meal numbers to aim for.

Remember to eat the right types of carbohydrates and proteins. Focus on fibers and lean meats, like chicken, and fish. Also, remember that no more than three of your six meals should be liquid, and it is okay to drink a protein shake before and after your workouts, though the composition of those shakes should vary.

In addition, remember, when cutting the fat, you should only cut the bad fats, as your body still needs fats to function. Stay away from trans-fats, and saturated fats. This will keep your efforts working for you instead of becoming a waste and help you maintain a nice energy level.

To keep your body from adjusting to your metabolism so you can continuously burn fat and build muscle, increase your carbohydrate intake over the weekend when you are not working out to 1.3 times your lean body mass. Do not eat any starchy carbohydrates in any of the 6 meals you eat after 6pm to keep them from getting stored and turning to fat.

Following these diet guidelines keeps you open to plenty of food to eat while you are working out. If you eat this way as you work out, you will bulk up in no time! Stay dedicated and watch those muscles rip!

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