foods for flawless skin

9 Best Foods for Flawless Skin

You are what you eat. Since what you put in your mouth is clearly reflected on your skin, it is important to have a look before you start munching. Everyone wants flawless looking skin and there are a lot of ways through which you can

Simple Ways To Make You Look Best In A Saree

5 Simple Ways To Make You Look Best In A Saree

Saree is the commonest attire that is worn by women on traditional and auspicious occasions. Be it a wedding, engagement, festival or an inauguration party, saree is considered to be the most elegant attire for women. Due to its classy and decent look, in most

makeup for small eyes to look bigger

10 Make Up Tricks To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

They are considered more attractive and drag attention away from other parts of your face. Though, not everyone is blessed with big peepers, there are some makeup tricks that help in making small eyes look bigger. All that is needed is some practice, after which

Ways to get more confident

9 Ways to Get More Confident This Minute

Trying to increase our self-esteem is a constant battle for most of us. Trends and media are not doing anything to help us in that manner, to say the least. Friends and family can sometimes help, but usually it comes down to ourselves only. So,