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How to do POWER Chest Workouts for Men – Killer Chest Training and Exercises

power-chest-workouts-arnold-515x300If you are looking for serious chest workouts for men, this might be be the place you have been looking for. This short article will guide you through the most important considerations if your goal is to develop your chest muscles.

Any good workout schedule for men starts with goal setting!

Before you jump into any chest workouts for men you should get very clear on what you are trying to change.

You really have 2 choices – either you can focus on looks or you can focus on functionality. Working on your looks may include goals like increasing your muscle mass or simple toning your chest area. Functional goals could include concepts like increase MAX loads or speed.

There is a major difference between the workout schedules you need to implement, so just implementing any chest workout routine for men will likely not provide you with the end result you are looking for. Your goal will determine your weekly workout schedule.

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Below you will find 2 different weight lifting workouts for men. The first one (HST) is among those chest workouts for men that will help you increase muscle mass, whereas the second one will help you increase your load very fast.

1. Building mass with HST

HST stands for Hypertrophy Specific Training and is an 9 week (3 times a week) amazing workout schedule to build muscle mass fast. It is a very simple concept and most people have an experience of actually working out less.

HST work so well because it integrates all areas of muscle building theory. The general rule of thumb is that if you want to build hypertrophy you have to work with an 8-12 RM (Repetition Maximum).

However very few people realize that you can gain even more muscle mass by using a range of 5-15 RM and eccentric training. Using a wider range forces you to include a broader range of muscle fibers. I am not going to go into deeper details on the theory since there is plenty of resources online to dig into.

Below you can find a description on how to use HST to design muscle boosting workout schedules for men.

HST is designed to be a full body workout schedule but you can use it on specific areas if you like, which makes it among one of my favorite systems, when designing chest workouts for men. Each week you have 3 workouts with at least one day rest in between.

For each muscle group you choose 2 exercises (example: one “two joint” exercise like bench press and one “single joint” exercise like incline chest flyers) and perform only 2 sets of each. This means that you will be performing a total of 12 sets for each muscle group each week, which is very similar to other workout schedules like pyramids etc. Every second week you change your RM making your load heavier and heavier. Below you can see how to progress through the weeks.

  Week 1+2 – 15RM
  Week 3+4 – 10RM
  Week 5+6 – 5RM
  Week 7-8 – 5RM eccentric (only recommended for really people who has been lifting weight for more than 6 months)
  Week 9 – rest

Here are a couple of example of great chest workout routine for men combinations if you decide to go with the HST system

Chest workouts for men combination 1

     Bench press
     – Single arm low cable push

Chest workouts for men combination 2

     – Single arm dumbbell chest press on supine Swiss ball
     – Incline chest flyer

Chest workouts for men combination 3

     – Single arm push up
     – Overhead dumbbell pull supine on Swiss ball

2. How to boost your bench press MAX load with 10kg or more in just 3 weeks

If you are looking weight training program for men designed to massively increase your load capacity, I know this 4 day a week gym schedule will get you excited. This system is must try out for anyone looking power boosting chest workouts for men. This power boosting workout schedule for men is called Smolov Jr.

The goal of the program is to increase your 1RM by a minimum of 10kg in 3 weeks. What this means is that you need to know your current 1RM. To gain most of Smolov Jr. it is recommended that  should be able to bench press 80 kg or more (if you have only been lifting weights for at couple of months I highly recommend that you postpone the workout schedule a bit).

Once you know your 1RM it is time to plan your workout schedule. Below you will find the 3 week program designed from your 1RM.

chest-workout-tableOf course once the third week is over you will retest you 1RM, which should be 10kg or more better than your initial.Before you head down this road I must warn you. This is one of those real KILLER  chest workouts for men. It is tough work, but it will pay of if increase strength is your goal.

Avoid the fatal mistake most chest workouts for men don´t consider, and actually will make your chest muscles look smaller – even though they are growing!

This may be the one trick that will make the big difference for you. I know lots of strength conditioning coaches that actually help women grow their boobs “naturally” with this simply but often forgotten trick.

If your goal is to create a good looking chest with nice muscle structure, you have to work on strengthening the muscles of you upper body. MOST chest workouts for men miss the essential step.

If you only focus on strengthening and growing your pecs muscles, what will happen is that your pecs muscles will become shortened and tight, pulling forwards your shoulders and internally rotate your humerus.

When your shoulders are pulled forward they will hide the pecs muscles making them look smaller than they really are. This is not what I categorize a intelligent chest workouts for men.

What most people then do is start doing loads of more chest workouts in order to grow the pecs more, but there is a much better and easier solution.

The solution is very simple. Make sure whatever chest workouts for men system you go with is a full body program or at least includes postural conditioning of the upper body, which means you have to work those rhomboids, middle and lower traps, and external shoulder rotators.

You should do a upper back vs. chest ratio of at least 2:3, – with 1:1 ratio even better. When you include your upper back, you will realign your shoulder and your pecs will become much more visible which in the long term will keeps your shoulders healthy and out of risk of injuries.

I promise you this will make a big difference in you looks and will give you much more benefit with whatever chest workouts for men you dig into.

If you are looking for good chest workouts for men, I hope this post have given you some new ideas and thoughts.

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