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Six Pack Abs – Do We Believe in the Right Thing?

Everyone wants washboard abs. We see men and women with perfect ripped stomachs and know if we do a hundred crunches a day we will have the same, flat killer six pack abs.


Doing hundreds of sit-ups a day won’t create killer six pack abs. This is one of those myths that have been around a long time.

If that was all it took to have perfect six pack abs everyone in the gym would have them. Let’s take a look at the most common myths and how to really get that coveted washboard stomach.

Myth 1: Abs Are a Different Type of Muscle

Muscle is no different anywhere in the body. Some muscle lies against bone like biceps. The abs lie against the intestines and stomach. That is the only significant difference.

Myth 2: Strong Abdominals Means Strong Back Muscles

The emphasis should be on a strong body, not just on its singular body parts. The body functions as a whole and is healthy as a whole. Working on abs will not make you healthy. You need to work everything equally.

Myth 3: Train Abs at Least Three Times a Week

Recovery is key to getting the six pack you want. Training abs too often doesn’t give them time to recover. This limits their growth. Plus, the abs need to be worked hard enough to have to recover. The main function of the abs is stabilization of the body. Exercises using stabilization will work the abs better than crunches.

Myth 4: High Reps are Needed For Results

High reps are for endurance. The more crunches you do this workout the more crunches you will be able to do next workout. Muscle grows when a load is introduced. Abs are muscles and need to be worked like any other muscle.

how to get six pack abs quickly

Myth 5: Rock Hard Abs Are The Product Of a Lot of Sit-Ups

Sit-ups and crunches can be bad for the neck and back. Pulling on the neck can cause pain and move it out of joint. Also, too many crunches may shorten the ab muscles will pull on the back muscles. Bad posture may result.

Myth 6: It Takes Years To Get a Six Pack

Abdominals are just like any of the other muscles. They need to be trained efficiently and the fat that covers them up needs to be reduced. For some people, a few weeks of dieting may uncover them. For others it may take a little longer.

Hope you liked this article and now you know the truth and myths for getting those sexy and strong six pack abs. Don’t forget to share this article on your social profiles, if you liked it. See you in next post, till then have a good day. Cheers!!



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