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Steps to Prepping Your Skin for Your Wedding Day

You have successfully made it through the fun part about engagement and now it is time to start digging into the little details that will make you look great during the wedding day. Here, the main topic on discussion is a wedding beauty plan because this is the perfect time for a makeover for the best nails, skin and hair. To some extent, everybody wants to have a supermodel look every day, but you may not have the drive to act on this dream.

Setting your wedding date offers you a deadline that forces you to start making that move. As the clock ticks, it’s time you start checking items off your wedding beauty plan in the lead up to the big day. Here are a few things you should consider integrating in your wedding day bridal beauty routine.

Manage Stress Levels

From the tip of your head to your toes, there is no end to beauty bummers you are likely to experience if you do not get your wedding planning stress in check. When it comes to complexion, keratosis pilaris, psoriasis, eczema and other inflammatory conditions are partially caused by stress. Stress weakens your immune system and chronic inflammation aggravates.

Excess anxiety can also lead to sleep disruption, which in turn leads to that gray, un-bridal complexion. To fix this, take some time relax, whether this means hitting the yoga class after work to using meditation apps like Omvana and Headspace.

Meet Your Dermatologist

Not trying to stress on it too far, but having a flawless skin is probably one of the top priorities for the wedding day, right up next to securing that stunning venue (and finding the perfect wedding candy on www.sweetservices.com/wedding-candy). You should get pro skin care early on to assess the current state of your skin, which is much better than depending on your trusty mirror. Moreover, a dermatologist will help devise a strategy that will help you achieve the ultimate dream-skin be it zapping acne or facial liposuction – in addition, some treatments are likely to take time.

Consider Hair Removal

Your wedding, and honeymoon, offer you the best excuse to treat yourself to laser hair removal. While it may be a splurge, it is worth it when shaving your legs and armpits is probably the last thing on your mind. Depending on where you will go, you may require up to six sessions to reap the maximum benefits. Plan for the laser removal sessions at least nine to 12 months before the wedding.

While there’s some discomfort, it is minimal and temporary in many cases. Fortunately, the new lasers on the market give you a cool blast of air, as the technician zaps away unwanted body hair.

Aesthetician for Regular Facials

If you are one of the lucky few that have managed to keep their skin under control, and you want it to remain like that until the wedding day, locate an aesthetician of good repute in your locality to help in keeping your skin in tip-top shape. During the initial talk, ensure you talk about your needs and goals. The best facialists will work within your budget, your skin and goals.


As dead cells accumulate on the skin, they are likely to interfere with reflection of light, giving your skin a dull appearance. Regular exfoliation with brightening serum gives you the best lit-from-within glow that works best with bridesmaid dresses & bridesmaid gowns | Azazie.

Exfoliating helps remove dead cells to improve radiance and enhances your skin’s ability to absorb brightening products; follow up each treatment with a generous application of Vitamin C for the best power couple.

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