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Steroids Effects on Human Body

Hormones are a highly important component of the human body. No matter how well developed your bones, muscles, tissues, and organs are, without the right levels of relevant hormone productions none of your physical body parts would be able to function optimally. Hormones facilitate and drive a lot of things in a human body such as reproduction, sexual drive, hair growth, muscle growth, strength and stamina, and even brain activity. Since these are hormones are primarily chemical agents, it is common for their production to fluctuate at some point of time which affects the body. These changes in hormone levels cannot be treated surgically and hence the only way to clinically treat them is by relying on hormonal drugs known as Anabolic steroids.

Anabolic Steroids are primarily hormone inducing drugs that are used for clinical treatments for medical problems that stem from lower hormone levels in a human body. These drugs are often prescribed to treat medical conditionals such as lower sex drives, abnormally low muscle growth, and even breast cancer. However, since these are hormonal drugs, excessive consumption means excessive hormone production. That can lead to adverse anabolic effects on the human body.

Abuse of Steroids

Hormones play a very important role in driving strength, stamina and muscle growth in a human body. It is, for this reason, many athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness freaks resort to consuming these steroids in order to increase their stamina and performance. Since hormones do facilitate muscle growth and increased energy levels, many people use these steroids as performance enhancers. That often leads to abuse of Anabolic steroids which results in side effects. Besides health risks that increased hormone levels pose, using hormonal steroids as performance enhancers are considered as unlawful. Sports and athletic regulatory bodies often conduct random drug tests and if found guilty of consuming steroids prior to a competition, a participant can be fined, disqualified or even banned for life.

Effects of Steroids on Human Body

How Anabolic steroids will affect your body is largely dependent on the natural levels of hormones in your body. Having an effect does not always mean that it affects negatively. Under circumstances where natural production of hormone is not adequate and inducing them artificially can enable the body to recover from that shortfall. These steroids help in treating various medical conditions such as lower stamina and libido issues and even breast cancer.

That being said, often people such as athletes and bodybuilders resort to these steroids even when their body is producing natural hormones adequately, for better muscle recovery and growth. Having higher levels of hormones in a body is as hazardous as having lower levels. Consuming these steroids to induce excessive hormones can result in excessive body hair growth, acne breakouts and other skin conditions. Continuous steroid cycles can result in severe heart and liver conditions and can also result in fatal heart strokes. It is for this reason why Anabolic steroids are classified as C class drugs and are only allowed to be sold by a pharmacist on prescription. The extent to which and the way asteroid will affect a human body will depend on the natural level of hormone production in a body along with the number of steroids consumed in a cycle.

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