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How To Choose Designer Sunglasses For Your Face Shape and Skin Tone

Every year, hundreds of different eyewear and sunglasses are manufactured, making the decision of buying a decent pair of sunglasses tough. In my opinion, selecting a perfect sunglasses that looks good on your face is an art. A pair of good designer sunglasses is usually expensive, but it’s a worthwhile investment if you select the right ones.

When it comes to picking a great pair of designer sunglasses it’s not just the cost that you’ll need to take into consideration but you should also think about your skin tone and your face shape in order to find a pair that really suit. The great news is that in order to find a perfect pair of designer sunglasses you don’t need to settle for a cheap knock off pair either, as most designers do a range of sunglasses to suit different people with a range of budgets.

Read on for our top tips on selecting a pair of designer sunglasses that are the perfect match for you.

Your Skin Tone

When selecting designer sunglasses, it’s important that you don’t just pick the first pair that you like the look of. Even the nicest looking of sunglasses may not be suited to your personal complexion, so it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing and go for pairs that are the best match.

If you have pale, yellowish olive or dark skin and have dark hair and eyes, you are best opting for a pair of sunglasses that are quite dramatic and stay away from pastel colors. Strong colored frames such as white, black, red or navy blue are usually the best options for you. If you’re fairer with fair colored hair and light eyes, the opposite is true – pastel colors will be more suited to you.

For those with golden undertones in their skin and red or brunette hair, the best colors to choose from when selecting a pair of designer sunglasses are caramels, browns, peach and golden yellow tones.


Your Face Shape

There is nothing worse than buying something that you like only to get home and realise that it doesn’t fit you properly or look good on your shape. This doesn’t only apply to clothes, the same is definitely true for designer sunglasses as well. When buying designer sunglasses, you should never make assumptions about them.

Just because they look great on the model doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll look that good on you! Don’t simply go with trends – pick a style of sunglass that’s designed to frame your face properly. All designer sunglasses will have a series of numbers that are located on the inside frame.

Along with numbers representing the model number and the color, you’ll also see numbers for the eye size, bridge size, and temple size in millimeters. Choosing measurements that most closely match your actual face will ensure you get a pair of sunglasses that look great on you.

eyewear for men

  • For someone with a triangle-shaped face, to balance out the jaw of the face with the brow, a pair of glasses with very thin rims will be a good choice.
  • If you have a square-shaped face, you may look best in glasses with round frames at the edges to soften and balance features.
  • Those with round face shape, to downplay the roundness, a rectangular style frame would look great.
  • Those with heart-shaped faces, look for round or narrow frames that are wider than your forehead to broaden the appearance of the chin.
  • If you have an oval-shaped face, then you are the luckiest one. You can wear almost any frame style, because of the balanced face shape.

Why not visit Titan Eye Plus and browse their range of designer frames to find a pair that you really love. Do you love your designer sunglasses?

If you’ve got any tips for first time buyers that you’d like to add to this list, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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