Surprise Your Wife!


The first birthdays of wives after weddings are extremely special to them. And all the husbands are on their toes to make it even more special. But if you are one of them who do not have an ounce of an idea of what to do it to make it more special, we are here to rescue you. A few surprise ideas and gift ideas are suggested to make it a grand event!

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Book A Café!

One of the most romantic nights could be when you book an entire café and all in private so that it is just the two of you and the food that you want. You could even decorate the place on your own with flowers and candles! Girls love it when you put in the effort and do small things to make them happy! Surprise her with your charm, all over again!

Cook A Meal

This might take a few trials if you are a first timer! Consider cooking for your wife. As we mentioned, it is so cute to girls when you cook a meal or do something incredible and out of your way things even if it is a small gesture, only to make them happy. Cook a sweet meal and decorate the place a little and maybe add some music and wine for the perfect evening.

A Surprise Party

Arranging for a surprise party and keeping all the near and dear ones on her special day is equally exciting. If you are a family person or she is a social and party person, go for it! She is definitely going to enjoy the surprise. Also, try and invite everyone who couldn’t make it to your wedding!


Girls love small gestures. But girls also love diamonds. Gift her a diamond necklace set or get her an amazing ring. Jewelry is the best go-to when you aren’t sure. Have a look at the original diamond ring price online and offline if you choose to buy rings or any piece of jewelry. It may fluctuate and do consider a few things before buying diamonds. Maybe an expert help is beneficial if you are a novice in buying something as expensive and invaluable as diamonds.

Personalized Gift

If you are patient and can make something handmade, you are going to make your wife the happiest person. Put all your photos, memories, and everything that symbolizes your relationship together and make a scrapbook. This could be one of the best gifts as well.


Yep, write handwritten letters and give her as many as you can. Maybe if you are one of the artistic persons and can write a poem for her, it would be beautiful as well.

If none of these seem appealing, maybe try finding out something that she already wants or has been trying to get since a long time. And there’s always an option to directly ask for what she’d want you to gift!



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