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Top 3 Bicep Workouts for Mass Tips – Bicep Workout Mistakes to Avoid

Biceps-workout-for-massSearching for the best bicep workouts for mass tips?  Then you have come to the right place!

Many men wants a pair of massive, ripped biceps… maybe not 20 inchers but rather a pair of sculpted, muscular biceps that will more than attract attention from the opposite sex! Not only that but those bulging, rock hard biceps would definitely make you feel like a million bucks.

This article will outline useful and effective bicep workouts for mass that will help you add muscle to your biceps so read on!

Bicep Workouts for Mass tips:

To begin with, there aren’t any secret workouts or combinations or secret exercises that will work magic and give you huge arms in a few weeks.

There are, however some biceps exercises that are the most effective than others to build mass on your biceps, and so these are the exercises to focus on. You also need to know which exercises are ineffective and to avoid.

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Common Biceps Workouts for Mass Mistakes:

1.  Overtraining:  Most guys crank out too many reps on their biceps way too often and this is one to avoid. The biceps are a small set of muscles so train them twice a week tops. Many pro bodybuilders train them only once weekly, so this is a point to note. “Burn out” is a very typical practice that you see commonly but it is an ineffective way to get larger biceps. The basic formula to develop bicep muscle is high weight with low reps.

2.  Doing ineffective exercises: Exercises such as concentration curls are great exercises but they are not really effective when you’re trying to add muscle to your biceps.

3.  Making stuff up: Many guys just make up exercises that they believe gives them a huge burn but remember that a burn does not always add size so it is best to avoid as well.
Now the good stuff!

Here are the exercises that you ought to perform if you want to get those ripped bicep muscles…

The Most Effective Bicep Workouts For Mass

TIP 1 – Close-grip Chin-ups: You grip the pull-up bar with your arms at shoulder-width apart with palms facing you. Close-grip chin-ups are undoubtedly one of the two most effective exercises for adding big muscles to your arms. They are effective because it stimulates a important muscle groups that helps stimulates growth. Typically they are hard to do but remember that the most effective exercises are the kinds that make your tired fastest.

TIP 2 – Cheat curls: Arnold Schwarzenegger swore by cheat curls to add size to the arms. Remember though, if you’re performing cheat curls, do not break your back doing it. You may look at doing them with a cable machine as they will take away a lot of the dangers compared to doing them with free weights. You will however get the same positive effects. You should use a weight that you can barely handle for 6 to 10 reps.

TIP 3 – Squats: Squats are hands-down the most effective overall exercise for adding mass as squats hit every major muscle group in your body. Again,that promotes growth.

Next I will outline how you can incorporate the above exercises into your routine.

Chin-ups: Do 3 sets of as many chin-ups that you can do. In the beginning you probably wouldn’t be doing too many but not to worry. No squirming and heaving your body around… you need to use good form until you’re done.

Cheat curls: Use a weight that you can only do 6 to 10 times and perform two sets. A big tip is to bring the weight down slowly and controlled as this will blast your arms.

Train your biceps once a week initially. Avoid the compulsion to stress them every few days as you will grow more if you stick to the once weekly routine.

That’s it! A solid bicep workouts for mass routine that will have you looking great with ripped arms in no time.

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  1. Thanks for the great guide for the biceps work out. The chinup is really good. What do you think of the close grip curl with the z bar?

  2. Many people nowadays are busy with their work and most of them wants to workout. I think it will be nice to share this information with them. I am sure they will achieve their goal of having a great looking biceps.


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