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Top 5 Exercises To Get Six Pack Abs in Weeks

Whether you are getting ready to don bikinis and short shorts or blouses and skinny jeans, having a flat stomach is something most of us strive for — no matter the season. It takes a couple of things to rid yourself of the fat around your belly — simple things really, but ones that are the hardest to do.

A clean diet where good food and lots of water is consumed is the first on the list. No matter how you go about it, food really does make a huge difference when it comes to building those six pack abs. Once that is covered, then you can help sculpt your abs with some of the best ab workouts out there. The following are the top five exercises you can try so that you can get six pack abs in no time!

#1. Sprints

Sprint for six pack abs

Sprints aren’t often associated with abs but the truth is, abs need intense cardio so that the fat covering your ab muscles can be burned. Experts have found that a person can burn up to 600 calories doing sprints for 20 minutes. While the calories burned will vary, depending on your weight and height, these intense bursts of running will do your body good in uncovering your six pack abs.

#2. Leg Raises

Leg raises

Lying down and raising your legs ninety degrees, then lowering them down as low as you can without letting your feet touch the ground is the next exercise on the list. This workout will strengthen your ab muscles and you will feel and see your core tightening.

#3. The Side Crunch

An ostensibly tricky move, the side crunch is a great way to work your oblique muscles to help define the lines found at the beginning of your hip bones.

Side Crunch for six pack abs in week

To do the side crunch, kneel and lean on your left side while your left palm keeps things balanced by resting it on the floor. Once you feel balanced, put your right hand behind your head and then lift your right leg to the height of your hips and slowly bring your arm towards your leg. Finally, bring your leg forward towards your rib cage.

#4. Walk in a Pushup Position

Bringing the resistance you need to strengthen your core, this move will challenge your whole body. Start by positioning yourself in a push up position, walk forward and then walk backwards.

Walk in a pushup position

Do as many of these reps as you can. You can also make this move harder by lifting one leg at a time when you move forward or backwards.

#5. Practice Your Breathing

Sounds simple but breathing exercises have been known to flatten bellies and help to strengthen our cores. By using deep breaths and pulling your core inwards when doing so, your belly will look flatter and it will look more tight.

Practice Your Breathing

Breathing exercises can be done anywhere. You can do them in yoga class or when you are driving to work; you can do them when you are meditating or simply while you are watching TV.

It takes work to have defined six pack abs but with the help of these exercises and with a good relationship towards food, getting six pack abs is possible. You just have to believe in yourself and believe that you really can change the way your body looks.


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