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Top 5 Fitness Ball Exercises – Gym Ball Exercises for Full Body

fitness-ball-exercisesI have to be honest, but when I first saw people doing fitness ball exercises at the gym and learned how to use it, I initially felt awkward because it’s so different to the conventional weights that most guys use when training to put on muscle and develop strength.

But having used it in the last few days of training, I have realized that it is a very good way to develop core muscles around the abdomen and your general core.

In fact, I would even say that it’s a very good alternative to weights if you happen to lack them where you are or if you’re at home and limited in resources.

So having used it for a few days, here are my top 5 fitness ball exercises:

1. Balanced Push-Ups
This is without a doubt my favorite exercise using the fitness ball. The main focus of this exercise is to stay balanced when placing your hands on the ball whilst doing a normal push up. It’s great for a number of reasons.

It detracts from thinking about the exercise itself and instead makes you focus on stabilizing yourself, it promotes good balance and it makes the exercise fun. It’s the ultimate way to developing your core muscles without it having to be a chore.

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2. Vertical Ball Lifts
Another great exercise which I recommend. The exercise consists of placing the ball between your legs, then slowly lifting the ball with your legs and sitting up and touching the ball with your finger tips.

It’s a great alternative to a standard V-lift, but are now focused on keeping the ball balanced in between your legs and adding a bit of weight resistance to the exercise.

3. Seated Wall Rolls
This exercise is brilliant for improving good legs and is ideal for performing as an alternative to conventional squats. The exercise is simple. you place the ball on the wall with your back supporting it.

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Then with your legs shoulder width apart and slightly forward. You begin lowering yourself down for a few seconds, then using the ball as an aid, slowly raise yourself back up again.

4. Ball Assisted Crunches
This exercise is great as a warm up and slightly easier to perform than a conventional crunch. The exercise is pretty straight forward. Lie on the ball relaxed, then slowly crunch up and repeat the process.

5. Reversed Balanced Push-Ups
This ball exercise is done in exactly the same way as the exercise I chose as my favorite exercise, but done in reverse, with your feet placed on the ball itself instead of your hands.

Why I placed this exercise at number 5 is because it isn’t unique to the fitness ball itself and have found that the exercise can also be performed using other elevated objects such as a bed or a chair. A great exercise however nonetheless.

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