Top-Foods-To-Reduce-Cholesterol-NaturallyAchieving better health is possible if you are just aware of a few foods that work in maintaining a low level of bad cholesterol in your blood and work hard towards including these in your daily diet. Among the nutrient-rich foods that also work in keeping your cholesterol level low are the following:

1. Oatmeal. This has a higher soluble fiber content which is a huge help in cutting down the amount of bad cholesterol absorbed by your intestines. Consider consuming around ten grams of oatmeal a day to enjoy its benefits.

2. Salmon. This is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that help in reducing your blood pressure. It also prevents your LDL or bad cholesterol from spiking while ensuring that your high density lipoproteins are increased. You should aim to consume 2 servings of wild salmon every week.

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3. Beans. Just like oatmeal, beans also contain soluble fiber. The good thing about beans is that these are longer to digest so expect to feel satisfied for a longer period after you take a meal with it. This means that aside from lowering your cholesterol level, it can also help you cut some pounds from your weight. Beans also come in a wide variety so you can always consume what you prefer. Among your choices are lentil, garbanzo, navy and kidney beans.

4. Almonds. These can supply your body with sterols that are proven to be effective in impeding the ability of your body to absorb bad cholesterol. Just make sure that you do not consume excessive amounts of almonds since these are also rich in calories.

5. Apple. This is one of the best sources of insoluble and soluble fibers. It is good for your health because aside from keeping the bad cholesterol in your system low, it also prevents hardened arteries and protects you against strokes and heart attacks.


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