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Is Training Very Hard Bad as No Exercise At All ?

It is estimated that in 2012 more than 450 000 people were treated in emergency room after suffering injuries while exercising, in USA alone.

A report published by Journal of the American College of Cardiology, jogging at a steady pace for about two hours a week was best for the health. The mere fact that there is no upper limit for safe exercising does not mean that there should not be one.

A study done on mice, suggested that endurance exercising can affect heart rhythm and even cause damage to the hearth, long-term.

Finding the right dose of physical activity is very important for maintaining your health. Let us see, how we can find the perfect measure.

Where is the Middle Way?

Everyone knows that any amount of physical activity is better than no amount. Still, no one is trying to determine is there some amount that is simply too much for someone to handle.

Although the benefits of exercising still outweigh its risks, it is very possible that exhausting endurance exercises can disrupt the heart rhythm. There is no need to run a marathon to keep your heart and body healthy.


Moderate jogging is actually more beneficial than strenuous jogging. About 150 minutes of moderate intensity activities per week is enough for adults (it is not the upper limit). Brisk walking can also be an efficient way of exercising.

Still, if you want to go even further, you can, just make sure you avoid injuries or at least learn how to recover. You can measure the intensity by doing the “talk test” (if you can carry on a conversation during the workout, you are in good intensity range – once the speech starts to slow down or break, you are working too hard).

The most common injuries at the gym usually revolve around body parts that have been neglected by the lack of physical activity and sitting in office chairs all day. Those body parts are foot and ankle, knee, lower back, shoulder and neck. Inform yourself and, if necessary, find out where you can receive 24 hour urgent care.

How to Exercise?

There is no right answer here. Each person is different and has different physical capabilities and potentials. The only safe way to go is by hiring a personal fitness trainer that could work with you individually, find out your needs and possibilities and create an exercising plan based on that.

workout training

One thing that is the same for everyone is the necessity of warming up before the workout and cooling down after it with stretches and gentle movements. That will help you to avoid injuries and pain. Repeat the “talk test” from time to time during the exercising, to determine have you gone too far.

Resting between vigorous-intensity aerobic activities is essential for allowing the body to repair and strengthen itself. Overtraining can weaken your body and leave you unprepared for the next round.

Mix the Intensities

Any excess is a potential danger (whether we are talking about exercising or diet), but with the right doses you can achieve great results. In agreement with your trainer, you should, in certain periods, focus on specific body parts and, in others, make those parts work as units. The volume of training should not be the same during the whole workout.

If you are engaging in physical activity for about 150 minutes per week, find at least 20 to 30 minutes for vigorous aerobic activities (running, dancing) and the remaining a moderate ones (swimming, brisk walking, etc.). At least twice a week, you can do strength exercises. For the beginning, use free weights or activities that use your own body weight (heavy gardening, rock climbing). The amount of time you will do it is not specific – exercise as long as you feel that you can.

The truth is that the benefits of exercising will always outweigh its risks, but why take any risks at all? If you know the methods to avoid injuries and disrupted heart rhythm, there is no excuses not to apply them on your workout plan.


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