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Turning 30? Time to Toss Away These Fashion Pieces

There is something special about being 30. Most women by now have reached a stage of life where they are doing well in their career, are well travelled and have the independence and sensibility to make crucial decisions about their life. While a lot has changed about you, why not also spruce up your quotient in fashion and styling?

Age appropriate dressing can be fairly confusing. Too flamboyant and you are labeled loud, too plain and you are dismissed as drab. The thin boundary between loud and drab further blurs when you hit the 30s. So, it’s time to rethink and realign your wardrobe and that accessory box to celebrate the charming, sophisticated lady that you now are.

1. Revamp your Accessory Collection

If you want to pull off a classy, no-nonsense look, your choice in accessory can make a huge difference. However, colourful beaded necklaces, plastic bracelets, and outlandish jewellery pieces can be put to rest. You need to look for minimalist yet statement pieces that make the right noise. For instance, bold gold rings for women shall work very well. So, what kind of gold ring should you look for? Although solitaire rings have also been the top pick, recently a range of gold rings for women without stones from CaratLane, have many takers.

Pedra Stamped Ring

Take from instance the Pedra Stamped Ring from the “Gold Struck Collection” that has an interesting geometric pattern in yellow and rose gold is an excellent pick that will compliment board meetings to the casual dinner date look.

Minimalist jewellery like bar pendants, elegant stud earrings, basic gold bangles with a matte finish and long pendant necklaces are some other examples of simple yet elegant jewelery pieces that will add value to your collection.

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2. Bid Adieu to Clothes that Don’t fit

If you are still holding onto those skinny jeans and tank tops from college days, then believe me, you are not the only one. Most of us have the tendency to hoard on to clothes from the yesteryears that don’t fit (yes, because you love them!). However, it’s time to toss away those clothes for more than one reason. For starters, you need to make room in your wardrobe for an upgraded collection of clothes. As you hit 30, its time you pick up a bunch of clothes that are well tailored and seamless. Long trench coats teamed with a seamless dress, or a casual Tee and pants are comfortable and chic at work.

Bid Adieu to Clothes that Don’t fit

Similarly, when it comes to casual fashion, pick up pastel shades with stripes and geometric print crafted in fine fabrics like silk, rayon and crêpe. Clothes tailored from such fabrics assure a good silhouette and fall thus bestowing a very confident and classy look.

3. Upgrade Your Shoe Collection

An upgraded wardrobe collection also calls for an upgraded shoe collection. It’s time to put away those breezy and colourful flip-flops (keep them safe for the beach) and bright strappy sandals. Instead, add to your shoe collection a stream of pumps, elegant bellies and neutral colour sandals and ankle booties. As you hit 30, you must look for comfort along with style. Because, it’s all you will crave for!

Upgrade your Shoe Collection

Invest in a range of shoe collection from a reputed brand. Do not buy shoes that are inexpensive and made from poor quality material. A bad shoe day can reign havoc so always make sure that you buy assorted and selected range of footwear spelling class and comfort.

4. Define Your Sense Of Style

Fashion taste is very similar to a person’s personality; it has to evolve with time. As you transcend into 30’s, you have to adapt a sense of style that is unique and defines your character. However, that does not mean that you must adopt colourless and boring styles. Women fashion and apparel segment have transformed big time. Today, women in their 30’s have a plethora of options to pick from. The new-age style does not follow a set trend. It is individualistic and personal.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest have revolutionized the fashion circuit in a big way. Develop your own style or get inspired by others, you are the queen of your life.


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