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WALKING: The Ultimate Mother Nature’s Workout!

The human body is made to walk:

  • Our bodies function better when we walk
  • We are healthier in many ways when we walk
  • Walking 30 minutes a day cuts the rate of people becoming diabetic by more than half, and it cuts the risk of people over 60 becoming diabetic by almost 70%
  • Walking cuts the risk of stroke by almost half
  • Walking cuts the risk of heart disease by more than 40%.
  • Walking reduces hypertension

The body has over 100,000 miles of blood vessels. Our blood vessels are more supple and healthier when we walk. Walking cuts the risk of cancer, as well as diabetes and stroke. Women who walk have a 20% lower likelihood of getting breast cancer, and a 31% lower risk of getting colon cancer.

Women with breast cancer who walk regularly could reduce their recurrence rate and their mortality rate for breast cancer by over 50%.

The body resists diseases better and it heals faster.

We don’t have to walk a lot. 30 minutes a day is enough to have a huge impact on our health…

  • Men who walk 30 minutes a day have a significantly lower levels of prostate cancer
  • Men who do not walk regularly have a 60% higher risk of colon cancer. For men with prostate cancer, studies have shown that walkers have a 46% lower mortality rate

Walking is a great way of reducing risks of developing cognitive complications such as dementia. People suffering from depression have noted that walking alleviates many of the common symptoms.

One particular study noted that women suffering from depression, along with their usual medication also walked every day consecutively for 30 days, displayed considerably less symptoms than the women who only resorted to medication.

walking is great for health

A completely different study found that individuals who walked regularly had significantly less depression symptoms than those that didn’t.

Remember, a simple walk triggers the release of certain neurochemicals that provide that feel-good sensation that many of us long for.

Walking is one of the best ways of maintaining a strong heart; it also helps to reinforce the skeletal structure, and is known to enhance circulation inside the body.

Did you know that when a person diets, the brain excretes certain chemicals that makes the dieting process a whole lot harder?

To counter this effect, doctors advise their patients to walk in order to generate neurochemicals that benefit overall health.

According to research, regular walkers look forward to their walks, and a simple 30 minute walk daily can help an individual shed more than 20 lbs. of bodyweight.

When we walk every day, our bodies are healthier and stronger. The benefits can be felt very quickly:

  • A single 30 minute walk can reduce blood pressure by 5 points, for over 20 hours
  • Walking reduces the risk of blood clots in our legs
  • People who walk regularly have much lower risk of deep vein thrombosis
  • People who walk are less likely to catch colds, and when people do catch colds, walkers have a 46% shorter symptom time from their colds

The blood also enjoys the benefits of regular walking. High density cholesterol levels can increase as a result of regular walking, which means the chances of having strokes and heart attacks greatly diminish.

Furthermore, the metabolic system speeds up, which means more calories are burnt.


From personal experience, slight changes to the diet can mean quite dramatic weight reduction from regular walks.

The best news is that the 30 minutes (of walking) does not have to be done in 1 lump of time.

2, 15 minute walks achieve the same goal. 3, 10 minute walks achieve most of those goals. We can walk 15 minutes in the morning, and 15 minutes at night, and we can achieve our walking goals. It’s often a lot easier to find 15 minutes than it is to find the full half hour. 15 minutes is enough when we do it twice a day.

Do you really need more reasons to start walking?

  • Walking feels good
  • Walking improves our biological, physiological, psychological, and emotional health

Walking can literally add years to life, so be good to yourself and…Walk!

Vijay Diwakarhttp://www.mybeautygym.com/
Vijay Diwakar has been in the health industry for more than 10 years. He has inspired people for Weight Loss, Building Muscles and Living a Healthy life. He also likes to write about Latest Trends at TrendsBuzzer. Stay Connected to him on Google+ and Facebook.


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