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What to Do If You Suspect Female Hair Loss

hair loss in womenMen’s hair loss is often talked about, even expected when most men reach a certain age. Women’s hair loss gets less attention, even though women can find it just as devastating as men to get thinning hair and bald patches – perhaps even more so.

If you suspect you’re losing your hair, head to a doctor to rule out any other causes besides genetics and aging and then work to get that hair growing again.

Laser Treatment

The at-home iGrow Laser uses pulsating light to grow back hair by stimulating the hair and the skin in your scalp. Because you can use it at home, you can easily grow back hair in a matter of months every other day weeks while you watch TV, read a book and relax for just 25 minutes – with no one being the wiser.

Once you’ve achieved success, you need only use it once a week to maintain healthy hair growth. The cost of the laser system is significantly less than repeated appointments with a doctor for treatment.

Specialized Shampoo and Conditioner

In addition to or in lieu of laser treatment, wash and condition your hair with shampoo formulated for hair growth. The typical over-the-counter shampoo and conditioner not only don’t help with hair loss, they may actually contribute to it due to chemicals present in the least quality products.

Dermatologist-approved shampoo and conditioner formulas make existing hair stronger and less likely to break while gently removing dirt and oils and enriching hair follicles with nutrients and essential amino acids so it grows faster.

Style Your Hair

While waiting for your hair to grow more fully, visit a stylist, who can give you tips for making the hair appear fuller. Sometimes adding layers will do the job and other times, volume-enhancing products or styling with a hair dryer will help.

You can wear hats or wigs if you prefer, as neither is responsible for hair loss. (Dirty hats or wigs may cause scalp infections, though, which could cause a temporary increase in hair loss.) However, it’s best to let your scalp breathe as much as possible, so avoid wearing either at home.

Women’s hair loss typically follows a different pattern than the average balding man’s, spreading throughout the scalp instead of sticking largely to the top of the head.

Get your confidence back and look years younger by growing your hair back. Luckily, there are solutions that work. Direct your questions to a dermatologist-approved hair growth product supplier today.

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