Shoulder Injury Exercises

Shoulder Injury ExercisesAfter a shoulder injury, it can be useful to do exercises to relieve pain and to expedite recovery from the injury. Following shoulder surgery, these exercises are also usually recommended. However, you should never do shoulder injury exercises without being told by a physician how to do them.

This will make sure the right muscles are being trained and that you will not cause unnecessary stress on the shoulder.

Why Should You Do Shoulder Injury Exercises

Rehabilitation of the shoulder looks at two main aspects: Strength and Flexibility. If the shoulder does not have full motion, it can be very difficult to perform everyday tasks.

People with shoulder injuries find that they cannot reach behind their back, that they struggle with buckling their seat belts and that they may not be able to comb their hair.

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The strengthening issue is equally important. However, the rotator cuff muscles should not be overly stressed as they are the most susceptible to inflammation and injury if the exercises and activities are not done properly.

Shoulder Injury Exercises – Stretching Out the Stiffness

Stretching is incredibly important before you start any type of exercises. With shoulder pain, they are actually the most important part. They help to loosen the muscle around the joint of the shoulder, thereby relieving stiffness.

The cause of a stiff shoulder is usually adhesive capsulitis, or frozen shoulder. This can happen on its own, but it can also be a consequence of immobilization following injury or surgery. Frozen shoulder can be prevented by adequate stretching.

Simple Shoulder Injury Exercises

You must try to keep the exercises very simple, so that no unnecessary stress is caused. There are a number of ways to do safely perform exercises that work on all the upper extremities.

Pendulum exercises, for instance, involve bending forward so that the arm hangs towards the ground. You then make small circles with your hands, carrying the arm on the momentum of that movement.

Shoulder Injury Exercises to Strengthen the Rotator Cuff

Shoulder Injury Exercises to Strengthen the Rotator Cuff

Four muscles and tendons surround the joint of the shoulder, and these are known as the rotator cuff. Injuries to this cuff are the most common cause of pain in the shoulder.

Before exercising the rotator cuff, however, your medical practitioner must tell you that this is alright, particularly if you have just had surgery. Following surgery, the cuff may simply need to rest.

The muscles in the rotator cuff do not assist in lifting the arms or back, which means no additional weights are needed to exercises them. If you follow exercises for the rotator cuff that require weights, you are probably being wrongly advised.

Stretching the Upper Back and Neck

Very often, a problem with the shoulder is actually caused by poor posture. Alternatively, straining the neck and upper back muscles can also be a cause for pain in the shoulder.

Exercise programs that target the shoulder should always include a few simple exercises that work on the upper back muscles and the cervical spine. These exercises should be no more than a few stretches.

These above mentioned are some of the most effective shoulder injury exercises you can perform. Still, it is advised to consult your doctor, for starting any exercises, if you have recently suffered from any shoulder injuries.

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