Yohimbe extracts

Extracted from the bark of an evergreen tree growing in West Africa, Yohimbe is a common ingredient found in male supplements all over the world. The bark is used to extract an alkaloid called Yohimbine, which is then used to formulate some of the most potent male enhancement drugs.

Men’s Health Digest, a male enhancement guide that reviews enhancement products through a comprehensive ratings system, provides valuable advice and facts as well. It regularly updates readers on supplements using Yohimbe in their formulations, and to what extent they iron out any potential side-effects.

Yohimbe has, nevertheless, succeeded in wowing patients and experts alike with its magic herb-like properties. Using the right ingredients in combination with Yohimbe can amplify its benefits and diminish the dangers associated with it.

Utility in Treating Erectile Dysfunction

The fact is that popular male enhancement supplements like Extenze and Orexis use Yohimbe extracts in their formulation. It has been used as an aphrodisiac and herbal medicine by natives in Africa for quite some time. It is known to boost circulation and directs the flow of blood towards genitals, which helps treat ED, improve libido, and increase fertility.

Yohimbe extracts

As far as the side-effects associated with Yohimbe are concerned, consuming it in moderation can avoid them. Considering that even Viagra has dosage-related complications, enhancements with Yohimbe are a safe option. If you’re choosing a male enhancement supplement with Yohimbe, be sure to read reviews online.

Yohimbe for Fat Loss

This is one of the most valuable applications of the extract, as it is known to block certain receptors that prevent weight loss. If you have failed to lose weight from particular areas despite working out consistently, Yohimbe can help you.

Yohimbine, the alkaloid obtained from the bark of the tree, can block adrenoceptors and give rise to higher norepinephrine levels. This process helps to break down fat in these stubborn areas. Obesity and visceral fat are also responsible for low testosterone and erectile dysfunction. Consult your physician before starting with this diet and workout regime.

Helps with Circulation and in Alleviating Hypertension

If you’re constantly low on energy levels, constantly troubled by brain fog, and experience slow healing, it indicates a sluggish circulatory system. The poor flow of blood and reduced oxygen levels can cause problems with sexual health and cause other health issues.


Herbal supplements with Yohimbe can help combat this effectively. It can also provide the additional benefit of keeping your heart in good shape and preventing coronary heart disease.

Popular Response

There has been mixed response to Yohimbe on review sites and among users seeking male enhancement. Side-effects, when used in combination with other vasodilators and drugs, include light headedness, nausea, frequent urination, and high blood pressure.

Nevertheless, Yohimbe makes for a potent herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction and low libido, and when consumed with a medical professional, can prove to be safe. In fact, supplement review sites usually caution users against formulations that use Yohimbe.


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