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Coconut is one of the most precious gifts from God. The entire human race needs to thank Mother Nature for bestowing upon us, the miraculous and multi-faceted fruit- Coconut. Milk, sweet pulp, the butter, and the oil, you name it, and the Coconut has it for you. However, the most loved by-product will always be coconut oil. Taking the world by storm, the beauty industry cannot stop raving about this miraculous oil and its benefits. Doctors and Aestheticians swear by the advantages of this oil for both beauty and digestion. A famous study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences states that coconut oil is a safe remedy for many ailments.

If it can condition your hair, then be assured that it can populate your gut with the good bacteria as well. Just like the one man army, coconut oil targets many ailments at once. But is that it? This is where coconut oil is useful? Well, you need to know ten secret uses of coconut oil or probably the lesser known benefits.

1. Night Cream

Night creams should be on the mind of every single woman, and when it comes to buying one, then she should be aware of everything. A good night cream can transform your skin from dull to glossy, and this is why companies pull out one formula after another. But, wonder what Queens in the old era used to apply on their face to attain a look that made people run for their money? It’s the oils and natural creams. Luscious coconut oil was the first choice. So, it is time to stop over stocking up your bathroom cabinet and messing up your skincare regime. Try incorporating this wonderful oil as a night cream and see the skin issues leaving your porch in no time.

Winters and abrupt changes in temperature take a toll on your skin leaving it red and dry. Coconut oil is here for the rescue. Apply a little coconut oil on your face every single night and witness a baby glow on your skin. If your skin is acne prone, then try mixing a drop or two with your regular moisturizer for that extra hydration. For best results, always choose extra virgin or virgin coconut oil.

Note: Use extra virgin coconut oil if your skin is sensitive.

2. Sunscreen

Sun rays contain UV rays that rapture the outer layer of the skin, penetrate inside your skin and interfere with the normal melanin production. Freckles, sun spots, brown marks, and darkened acne marks are some of the curses of sunlight. Even though you need sunlight, but it is advisable that you stay out of the sun between 10 am to 3 pm. With that said, talking about safe sun protection is necessary. Albeit weak, Coconut oil does offer sun protection. With SPF 4, it is not the only sun protection formula, and you need to mix with other powerful ingredients. There are two things that you can do to use it in your regime. Firstly, combine some coconut oil with zinc oxide or your regular sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. The second and probably the most effective way to incorporate coconut oil is to mix with a sunscreen lotion with raspberry seed extract that makes for a powerful sunblock. Both of these methods shall keep your skin hydrated and prepare it for makeup application as well.

Note: if you suffer from acne or pustules, then meet your doctor as handmade sun protection might need few more creams to support.

3. Oil Pulling

Do you know that your gut is your second brain and 90% of the bodily functions including the skin health is governed by it? Your gut health determines the condition of your skin and good gut health is a result of a hassle-free digestive system. Digestion starts in the mouth when saliva mixes with your food. So, make sure that your oral hygiene is perfect. Here enters the Oil Pulling method. This is one technique that clears your system from inside-out. An ancient practice that include gargles using coconut oil, this method kills bacteria dwelling in your mouth and gums, whitens the teeth, clears tongue, and as a result improves digestion. However, not many people know that oil pulling using coconut oil is effective in calming down facial redness and even alleviate cystic acne to some extent.

The basic idea behind the miracle is that half of your skin issues is a result of an imbalanced gut bacteria colony. Coconut oil cleans the mouth, supports the first step of digestion, and thereby helps the gut. One good thing you can do is to ingest a spoonful of this oil right after the oil pulling. This will help with bacterial overgrowth inside your body.

Note: Cystic Acne is a serious issue. Please see your doctor as well.

4. Makeup Remover

If you are one spending your money on famous brands looking out for one excellent makeup remover then maybe you should stop with the search now. Makeup is an everyday agenda of every single woman and why not, makeup enhances your features, contours your face, hides little imperfections and gives you an excellent look. However, the real battle is the after-party regime at home, which is a nighttime skincare routine.

Can you drop your regular Chanel, Bioderma, Clinique and L’Oreal? Be a little adventurous and go for a natural alternative. Dab on some coconut oil and see that mascara, waterproof kohl, and lipstick coming out. Asian women, especially Korean women follow a skin care regime that has multiple steps and oil cleansing is one of the essential steps. No wonder why their skin looks pristine and shine like a dewy glass.

Note: Don’t use coconut oil as a remover, if your skin is allergic to it.

5. Head Lice

Usually a child’s problems but who knows, maybe your colleague sitting next to you has head lice. Do not fret because coconut oil is here for the rescue. Having head lice can be embarrassing both as the sufferer or someone who stays with the sufferer. Not to forget, it transfers at lightning speed and remains on your scalp feeding on the blood. It is believed that if the condition is not attended on time can lead to fungal infections and other similar issues. Owing to the use of chemical-based medicines, people have forgotten what it feels like using a natural product. This time you see someone scratching their head, head on to with some coconut oil.

One age-old remedy is first to wash your hair with vinegar and then apply the oil on your hair like a leave-on lotion. Wash your hair and see those nasty ticks going. Vinegar and coconut oil together make an outlet for the head lice.

Note: if the problem persists, use the oil in conjunction with anti-lice shampoo.

6. Man’s Best Friend

For that close, clean shave, you better be using some high-end shaving creams, and that entire glossy line of after-shave lotions. But, have you ever tried Mother Nature for the same? Coconut oil for your skin is a champ when it comes to maintaining good skin, both men and women. Men love their clean-shaven looks and women drool over how confident that looks make their respective partners. However, the chemical-laden shaving creams often leave your skin dry and quenching with thirst. Choosing to look that way can be dampening to your overall personality and might make you look old.

Dry skin is your biggest enemy if you fail to take care of it. Apply coconut oil on your face instead of shaving creams and see that rough facial hair coming out sticking on the blade. Post shaving, your skin will be smooth, and the ingrown hair will not be there anymore, leaving behind a natural groomed look.

Note: Use when the oil is of a little thick consistency.

7. Diaper Rash Cream

Just like you care for your skin, your baby’s skin also needs some TLC. Constant urination, oil massages, diapers, and body lotions create a damp environment on the skin, which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Next time, you see a red rash on your baby’s bum then best believe that a wet lower body is the cause behind it. Our ancestors had no access to expensive brands, but they adequately raised kids with fewer instances of sickness or any skin issue. Have you ever wondered why? Ask your mother and grandmother, and they would recommend oils, and one big clap would be for the coconut oil. The antibacterial property of this oil makes it an apt choice for baby diaper rash. The first step is to wipe moisture off the body, apply safe talcum powder on the baby’s bottom for most parts.

During night time, after you clean the baby, use some coconut oil on the affected area for a couple of days. You would notice a supple skin in few days with absolutely no redness or rash.

8. Cuticle Care

No matter what nail paint you apply, if you don’t tame the cuticles, half of the beauty goes down the flush. One important aspect about this self-care regime is that doing the cuticles on your own can be severe as removing the ingrown skin can be tough. Sadly, maintaining cuticles is often overlooked, and women end up paying attention to solely the nails. The best antidote is to either visit a salon or ask for beauty services at home so that a professional can look after the ignored feature of your body. Make sure you tell the beautician about how excited you are about using coconut oil for your skin this time. Right after, the dry, dead skin is removed, ask the person to dab on some coconut oil and apply it on the cuticles and the nail area. You will be happy to see hands that glow and nail that flows.

9. Eczema Relief

Eczema is a skin disease that is hard to deal with, and many people end up applying steroids and other high potency creams. These creams do give some relief, but as soon as you loosen up on the usage, the problem relapses. This does not signify that medical science has no treatment for this disease, but sometimes, it becomes tiring and yields no results for many people.

If we look closely, then Mother Nature has a cure for every single problem, but we overlook them most of the times. According to a study, people who applied virgin coconut oil on the affected areas (atopic dermatitis) found utmost relief in about a month or so. The bacterial overgrowth because of staph was lessened and the colour of the skin started to return to normal. There were less itching and people reported of hydrated skin. Apart from applying, you can also use coconut oil in your diet by using it in cooking curries, the daily staple food, add to the salads, or add to smoothies. The oil has tremendous antibacterial properties, and this shall help you recover from inside-out.

Note: if you have cholesterol problems then consult your doctor before using coconut oil.

10. Ageing Under Eye

Nothing is more annoying than a dry under eye skin area. Weather changes and especially winters wreak havoc on skin, and if you have crossed 30, then the battle is even more arduous. After 30, your skin starts to lose the natural shine, the collagen production begins to fumble, and the oil glands take a retreat. The result is ridiculously dry skin, and under the eye, skin being paper thin suffers the most. You then start searching the internet and visit salons for good but sometimes, your calling is different.

As you age, it is recommended that you strike the right balance between modern and natural techniques and incorporating coconut oil in the regime is the best deal. All you have to do is to apply a little bit of coconut oil under the eye area and blend it gently into your skin using your ring finger. The keyword is ‘gentle’ because rude rubbing opens the door to wrinkles and catalyses their arrival as well. Best will be if you get raw extra virgin coconut oil as this version goes under no processing and as a result has the nutrients intact.

Note: if you suffer from miliea, or under eye infection, consult your doctor before using the oil. Choose a high brand of oil instead of garbage cheap brands.

Remember, Mother Nature will never ditch you and will always be there for you.

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