10 Weight Loss Rules You Should Give Up Right Now, Seriously

Diet and weight loss rules have been around since weight loss first becomes marketable. Some of them work like wonders; others are just placing there either because they make money for the promoter of the so-called rules or the fact that they worked for the person who tried the rule.

The latter can be absolutely true but the thing is that we are all individuals who need to all approach weight loss differently.

#1. Carbs Are The Problem

This weight loss rule is the one that gets under my skin the most, no pun intended! But seriously, eating carbs DO NOT make you fat my friends, eating TOO MUCH will make you fat. The same can be true of someone who eats vegetables or organic food, but does so in excess, they will still gain fat even though these foods have tons of benefits and weight loss properties.

In fact I want to encourage high carb eating on certain days. Using a day out of a 7-21 day period can actually boost your leptin levels, which is the hormone that regulates hunger pangs. After a prolonged period of dieting, you tend to get more and more hungry.

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Using these high carb days, also referred to as “refeed days” will boost your leptin levels and allow you to be free or lessen your hunger and cravings for 1-4 days. The best reference for how many more carbs you should eat is to simply consume 50 percent more carbs then you are normally eating, on that particular day.

Carbs are the problem

#2. Fat Is the Culprit

Another myth that needs to be trashed! Did you know that eating a higher amount of fat through ketogenic dieting is actually been proving to be the fastest way to lose fat? It actually promotes weight loss from lipid cells. Bodybuilders and fashion models all over the world to obtain lean physiques use this type of diet. If fat was the culprit then these diets would have never been made popular or utilized to such an extent that they have been used.

#3. Starving Yourself To Lose Weight

Stop this right now. This is literally insane and not beneficial to short term or long-term health. You may get results, but you will lose muscle mass instead of fat and you will be “skinny fat“. You’ll look skinny but will actually have a very high fat to muscle ratio.

Starving Yourself To Lose Weight

#4. Scale Worshipping

This habit has to go as well my friends. The scale is very deceiving. The scale can go up and down by a few pounds with each time you step on it due to things like high or low glycogen stores for eating carbs, water weight and whether or not you have used the bathroom that day or not. If you are constantly worried about the NUMBER, it can really create obsession around just that factor of weight loss, which, from the information stated above can be a terrible monitor for your ACTUAL progress.

The best thing to do is get your body fat tested. You can do so at your gym or local supplement store. Don’t worry about the number, simply use it as a reference point for trying to get lower than that total when you test the next time. Test your body fat every 1-2 weeks, this is far enough out to show you tangible results. Also use the same machine each time.

#5. Not Allowing Certain Foods In Your Diet

It should be known that there are actually no BAD foods when it comes to losing weight. Yes there are foods that are bad for your health when eat in excess but integrating these “bad” foods can actually HELP you in your weight loss journey. They can give you more peace of mind and they are more rewarding to your taste buds, temporarily satisfying cravings. This will make your diet a SUSTAINABLE experience instead of being looked at as a “diet” you can now look at it more so as a lifestyle.

Not Allowing Certain Foods In Your Diet

Obviously don’t excessively eat these cheat foods; eat them so they still factor into the amount of calories you can eat for your weight loss goals.

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#6. Stop Following Celebrity Diets NOW

Pay no attention to how your favorite celebrity is losing weight. Lets be honest, in the age of photo shopping and media dishonesty, you truly do not know the real truth to what celebrities are doing to lose weight, which can include crash dieting as well as using illegal substances.

Find out what works for YOU for health weight loss and do it. It may take a few approaches to finding the best solution for you, but it will be worth it because once you find what works best for your body, you can take all the guess work out of it and just focus on doing it.

#7. Losing Weight Too Fast

Crash diets, ahhh the most marketable form of dieting maybe of all time. Please refrain from losing weight too quick guys and gals. Yes you may get awesome comments from friends about how skinny or lean you are looking, but this method of dieting is simply not sustainable and has been proven to make the person “snap” back and literally go crazy with food consumption after they have been in such an unhealthy caloric deficit, usually gaining back all and even more weight than they originally lost.

Losing Weight Too Fast

#8. You Need To Eat Protein At Each Meal

Protein is very muscle preserving while dieting and needs to be consumed in good amount when trying to hit your macronutrient goals each day. But this doesn’t mean you need to eat protein with every meal, in order to preserve muscle mass. The catabolic effect of not eating protein only holds true when you go DAYS without eating protein.

#9. Carbs After A Certain Time

Back to not eating carbs! We talked about how beneficial carbs can be for dieting and satiety, but now I want to expose the myth on not eating carbs at after a certain time of day. Again weight loss is obtained through eating LESS than what you need to maintain homeostasis mixed with your activity level, age, height and other physical factors. Eating less than this caloric number will result in weight loss.

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#10. Fasted Cardio is the Best Way to Lose Weight

Fasted Cardio is the Best Way to Lose Weight

This is one of the biggest myths of all time, which was made popularized by bodybuilders whom of which were taking steroids during their cutting cycles for their shows, in which the natural rules don’t apply once synthetic drugs are introduced.

A great article on the matter shows that fasted cardio in fact increases cristol levels, which can have an increase on your glucose levels, which can be directly related to muscle loss. Cristol levels will also boost your stress levels, which are counter intuitive to weight loss, and has actually been shown to drastically stall fat and weight loss.


So there you are my friends, these are the 10 weight loss rules you should give up right now! Remember that weight loss rules are old programs that should be taken with a grain of salt. You can try them but don’t take them as fact until you have proved them to yourself. Remember also that moderation is always key to anything sustainable, including weight loss. Take a more long term approach and mentality to your weight loss, and that will help you lose the weight and keep it off!


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