15 Biggest Benefits of Taking Cold Showers You Can't Miss

I know most of you have at one point been so relaxed taking a hot shower only for the cold water to suddenly blast you. I can relate to that. If this happens again, do not be quick to scream at whoever is in the house with you; instead, try to embrace the cold water. The cold shower might be just what you need.

Research shows that cold water has amazing effects on one’s health and well-being. By simply changing the temperature of water in your shower to lower than you are used to, you can greatly change your life. This article discusses 15 benefits you can get from taking cold showers.

1. You Get Strong Will Power

Most bloggers will tell you of the negative effects of taking cold showers. Personally, I think that cold showers are the most beneficial to your body. A cold shower will help you get a strong drive. To someone taking cold showers for the first time, this may seem like it takes a lot.

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It takes a lot to do something you always resistant to everyday, and especially just after waking up. With time, the discipline and mental strength it takes you to engage in the task automatically become a habit that you cannot do without. This is why motivational blogger Victor Pride is disciplined about taking cold showers. Try it too and you will be surprised to love it!

2. You Develop Emotional Resilience

You Develop Emotional Resilience

Are you one that easily gets pissed off, anxious or flustered? Cold showers are known to help. The truth is that taking cold showers helps your nervous system become more stress resilient. This study shows that cold showers are an oxidative stress on the nervous system, and your body gets used to this with time.

Do you remember James Bond? He always took a Scottish Shower, whereby he starts with hot water and ends with water that’s as cold as ice. And isn’t he the coolest guy ever?

3. Stress Reduction

In addition to helping you adapt to stressful situation in a better way, cold showers also reduce uric acid levels and boost Glutathione in the blood. This generally helps to make you less stressed.

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4. Makes You More Alert

The very deep breathes you take in the morning when taking a cold shower helps to increase heart rate and the amount of oxygen in your body. This is a great dose of energy for the entire day.

Cold shower Makes You More Alert

5. Better Skin & Hair

In case feeling better does not motivate you, then feel motivated by looking great. Your skin and hair will greatly improve when you take cold showers. Jessica Krant, a certified Dermatologist, says that cold water prevents the skin and hair from loosing many natural oils. In addition to this, your hair will be strong, healthy and shinny because the follicles will remain flat and increase their grip on the scalp. Everyone who is scared of loosing hair should definitely consider taking cold showers.

6. Stimulates Weight Loss

Cold showers promote fat loss. There are brown and white fats in your body. White fat is not good for you. Brown fat helps to generate heat for the body keeping you warm. When taking a cold shower, you activate brown fats, and in the process increase the calories burned as well as energy needed to keep you warm.

Taking Cold Shower Stimulates Weight Loss

This study shows that cold temperatures raise the activation of brown fats by 15 times the normal rate. This can result in a loss of 9 pounds per year. You must also try these 10 unconventional workouts to slim your waist.

7. Raising Testosterone

Cold showers raise the levels of testosterone in men. This study says that heat affects the synthesis of RNA, DNA and protein in the testes. This is why the testicles hang outside the body to stay cool. Another study backs this by showing how increase heat in a rat’s testes for only 15 minutes shows a large drop in testosterone.

8. Boosting Fertility

A cold shower boosts the sperm count and increases fertility. Studies show that hot showers are male contraceptives. When a man takes a 30-minutes hot shower for 3 weeks, he will be infertile for 6 months after that. In addition, USCF says that men who did not take regular hot showers had their sperm count increase by up to 491%.

9. Improving Circulation

If looking better and feeling better are not enough motivations for you, then being healthy may motivate you. Cold water helps to increase circulation by sending blood to all body organs keeping them warm. This is good for cardiovascular health.

Improving Blood Circulation

10. Improving Immunity

Cold showers improve the immunity of your body. A study in England shows that cold water increases white blood cells. The assumption is that the testicles warm themselves during cold showers, leading in increased metabolism and activating of your immune system.

11. Draining the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system helps to carry waste from the body cells. This helps to defend your body from any unwanted infections. A blocked lymphatic system is portrayed by frequent infections, joint pains and colds. Cold showers help to contract the lymphatic vessels, while hot showers help to relax them. This helps to pump out stagnant fluids that are stuck in the lymph vessels, leading to a healthier and stronger immune system.

12. Speeding Up Muscle Recovery

All athletes know how important it is to take ice baths after a session of intense training. They are able to recover fast. It helps to remove lactic acid and to improve circulation.

Speeding Up Muscle Recovery

13. Relieving Depression

A cold shower stimulates “the blue spot” that is the main supplier of noradrenaline – a chemical that alleviates depression. The mild shocks sent to the brain when taking a cold shower sends electric impulses to the brain from the peripheral nerves, which leads to anti-depression. This study proves that.

14. Keeping you Awake

A cold shower helps to get you up in the morning. If you constantly have a hard time getting up in the morning, a cold shower will help.

15. Putting You to Sleep

Putting You to Sleep

Cold showers wake you up but a cold therapy also helps you get the best sleep. In the book The Four Hour Body, Tim Ferris has a lot to say about cold therapy by taking an ice bath for 10 minutes.

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How to Enjoy Cold Showers

  • Step outside your comfort zone to get the best version of yourself
  • Make it an experiment: start by doing a minute of cold shower after a hot shower, then go to 2 minutes and so on

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