Tips To Stay Fit Healthy And Happy

It would be fair to say that the last 12 months have brought more uncertainty than most of us have ever lived through.

Working from home has suddenly become normal, while our homes have become more important than ever before. It’s perhaps no surprise to see reports showing that people are spending unprecedented amounts of money on their home, for the simple reason that they want to improve the surroundings of where they spend the majority of their time.

In truth, everybody is approaching the current period differently, on their own terms. A lot has been spoken about the effects on both mental and physical health, and through today we want to cover several points which might help you stay on top of both areas of your life.

The rise of the home workout

As most of us know, gyms have been largely off limits over the past twelve months. Ultimately, our exercise has had to change. For some of us, this has been putting it to one side completely. Naturally, this has its own health repercussions.

For others, it has been about getting more creative and revolves around home workouts.

The latter is something that should not be understated. Sure, you’re not about to install a hi-tech gym in your garage (or, at least most of you aren’t), but there’s a variety of body weight exercises you can do to ensure that your body still receives the physical excursion it needs to make the most of any lockdown.

Even better, head outside

Granted, the current winter temperatures certainly do not lend themselves to a new outdoor exercise regime, but there have been a considerable rise in the number of people walking, running or cycling outdoors in a bid to give the body the rigor it needs.

While the physical benefits are there for all to see, there is an added advantage to heading outdoors. For many of us working at home, there’s no need to leave the house. Ultimately, the amount of vitamin D that our bodies are receiving is plummeting. There are a whole host of possible repercussions to this, ranging from depression to bone problems. If you have noticed any gradual physical or mental issues over lockdown, ask yourself if you are spending enough time outside.

The power of a routine

Finally, let’s talk about routines. For years, most of us had a steady routine. We woke up, went to work and returned home – with a few things in-between. Suffice to say, recent times have thrown such schedules out of the window. Many people feel almost ‘lost’, and this is something that can affect their mental health significantly. Having a routine in place can help you to maintain a good balance for your mental wellbeing.

The best method is to create your new-look routines. It might be something that incorporates your new, healthy lifestyle, such as a run before opening your computer to work, or something much less. For example, some people will make it their aim to open all of the blinds in their home prior to work, even if they’ll never set foot in the room through the day. It’s all with the aim of creating a process which separates your work from home life – which is crucial to make the most of these tough, lockdown times.