Fashionable foods

Once upon a time, the term “fashionable food” would have been scoffed at. Now it’s big business, with certain foods appearing on dishes around the world and making a name for themselves.

These fashionable foods have been given various terms. Superfoods is one of the most commonly used one, but for the purposes of today we are going to stick with fashionable. As such, if you are about to take to Covent Garden on the hunt for a restaurant, or any high-profile restaurant district for that matter, read on to find about some of the ingredients that you are likely to set eyes on.


First it was rice, then it was quinoa. Now, it seems as though amaranth is desperate to take the mantle.

This is the grain that is really whetting the appetite of foodies around the world. Just like quinoa, the gluten free factor is big here considering the surge of people who are turning to such a diet. However, there is more to it from a nutritional point of view as well, with amaranth full of everything including omega 3, protein and nutrients.

Some restaurants will opt to use it as a side, while others might use it as a thickener for soups.


If you have noticed a particularly spicy flavour to your meats recently, there’s a good chance that harissa is the one to thank. Originating from North Africa, this is something that contains everything hot you can imagine. We’re talking about the likes of cumin, chilli, smoked paprika and red peppers. When you throw in a bit of coriander and other “milder” spices, things suddenly take a turn for the intriguing. It will add a huge dose of flavour, with meats tending to be the usual recipient.

Raw Cacao

This is one of those foods which is slowly emerging as a favourite amongst food manufacturers, as well as restaurants. Most people have a sweet tooth, but for the purposes of dieting or whatever reason they rarely treat themselves. This is where raw cacao steps into the picture.

It contains large doses of flavonoids and magnesium, meaning that it’s actually pretty good for you. Sure, some might bemoan that it’s not quite as sweet as chocolate, but coupled with something like honey it can make your dishes exceptionally tasty, and a little healthier.


If you happen to be an Italian restaurant owner right now, you’ll know all about the power of Burrata and will probably claim that it’s hardly something new. However, from a mainstream perspective it has grown in popularity at least.

Some have called it a sophisticated mozzarella – which is hardly surprising when one considers the fact it is formed from mozzarella on the outside and cream in the centre. It’s ideal with salads, or some restaurants might even serve it on its own (usually as a starter). Just like mozzarella, it needs something else to give it a flavour kick, with a lot of restaurants turning to tomatoes and basil to satisfy this.


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