How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Wondering how to improve your brain’s functions and enhance your memory? Yes, it is possible; however, your success cannot be achieved overnight. Results take time – so, the sooner you start, the faster you will see results.

Research and studies show that to keep your brain sharp and healthy so that the mind achieve levels of peak performance, the body must receive the essential vitamins and proteins, be exercised regularly, adequate rest, and the brain must be stimulated on a daily basis.

Below are four easy and fun ways to increase brain power today!

#1. See the Humor in Life and Laugh Often

In today’s busy and sedentary lifestyle, it is easy to get become so involved with one particular thing and take life too seriously. We keep spending our most of the time and energy in trying to control everything, but the reality is that the only thing we can control is our behavior (and that is not going to be an easy thing). It is much healthier to add a touch of humor in all that happens and let the laughter roll.

We are social animals! So . . . It is important to surround yourself with positive people who inspires you, makes you happy and motivates you to achieve your goals. Don’t forget to laugh as much as possible – especially at yourself.

laughing is good for healthy brain

Try to see the world through the eyes of a small child. Life is full of surprises and silly moments!  Enjoy them and laugh a lot. Laughing is an excellent way to reduce stress and release health-promoting hormones that stimulate the brain and makes the brain healthy. Give it a try; you’ll like it! I promise!

#2. Play Games and Solve Puzzles

According to research, games and puzzles can be quite effective in improving your memory power and slow down the brain’s aging process. This is one of the easiest and most fun ways to keep your brain healthy.

The choices are endless: Chess, Checkers, Mahjong, online puzzles, board games such as Scrabble, Bridge or Poker and other card games, crossword puzzles, word puzzles or Sudoku. Certain types of video games would be more to your liking.  If so, there are plenty of options today with gaming consoles that interests you and become an expert at using it.

brain games for improving brain power

The key is to choose activities that require you to think seriously and stretch your mind! Challenge your brain, by choosing more challenging and harder game. Studies shows that when our brain is challenged, it creates new neural connections to adapt to the increased need to process complicated information

#3. Step Outside of Your Invisible Box

It is easy to fall into the trap of doing what we have always done – or “what you know” regarding food, clothes, activities, and even in the things that instantly grabs your attention.

You live your life surrounded by so many invisible walls and other boundaries that are set by what you believe you can and cannot do. We are the owners of everything inside these boundaries, and we should learn how to push these boundaries and embrace the challenge of the unknown. Be willing to be uncomfortable. Once a week can probably be a good start and once a day would be even better. If you are serious about learning how to keep your brain healthy, this is one of the most effective strategies that you want to embrace.

Step Outside of Your Invisible Box

Seek experiences by trying something completely new and outside your comfort zone. Start by taking small steps, gain confidence, build your courage and you will begin to gravitate toward the strange, the unusual, and the unique. The brain will thrive on the stimulus that these experiences provide.

#4. Eat A Mind-Boosting Eating Regimen

If you have not been eating well, it has undoubtedly taken its toll on your general health, especially your energy levels, your attitude about life, and the efficiency of brain function.

You can start to change all of that right now by cleaning out your cupboards and refrigerator. Throw away (or give away) all the sugary, white flour products, and anything that has been heavily processed or contains transfats.

Eat Mind Boosting foods

Make a commitment to increase your mind power through a better diet.  Eat foods that are good for the brain. Stop succumbing to the convenience of fast food, the seduction of energy drinks, and eliminate stress-induced junk food binges.

Control what you eat by cooking at home using fresh, nutrient-filled ingredients such as a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, oily fish, whole grain bread and cereals, and learn to snack on berries, seeds, and nuts instead of pastries and candy.

Embrace one or all of these strategies to increase brain power. Each one will stimulate your brain and get those neurons sparking. Always remember . . .  An active brain is a powerful brain!

Last, but not least. In research, scientists have found that that one of every four people is affected by mental illness. If you think you might have a brain disorder, it’s important to talk to a neurologist in Bangalore, so that problems can be diagnosed and treated.






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