Anti aging skin care, how to stay young

It isn’t a newsflash; everyone wants to find a way to look younger. Over the years we have seen everything from a facelift, anti-aging creams and other high-tech inventions, but if you look a little closer to home there can be easier wins to take on.

By this, we’re referring to lifestyle changes. In short, there are small things that you can do in everyday life to really make a difference when it comes to the aging process. No, your birth certificate isn’t going to change, but other people’s perceptions of your age will and this is what today’s article is going to focus on.

Sometimes You Need To Put On Weight

Granted, all of the guides might tell us that we need to shed the pounds, but sometimes it’s about going the other way.

Of course, there are limits in relation to this. The point we are trying to make is that if you try and lose too much weight, you will be left with a face which is completely gaunt. This goes hand-in-hand with an older appearance, so making sure that you have a “healthy” amount of facial fat can be key to staying young.

Get Sufficient Shuteye

Something else to help you along your way is more sleep. Hopefully, you’ve already taken note of this action – after all, it has been drilled into us through the press for years.

Despite this, studies have shown that most of us just aren’t getting enough shuteye. While the recommended amount might be eight hours, many of us fall drastically short of this.

The result? You’ll look tired, and this is a sure-fast way to looking older.

The Perils Of Sugar

Again, this next point has been done to death, but in relation to staying young it is something that a lot of people perhaps don’t appreciate.

Every time you turn to sugar, you aren’t just hindering your waistline, but you are also damaging your skin. This is because sugar contains glucose and every time that this enters your blood, it binds to skin proteins. The knock-on effect of this is that you have “extra molecules” (known as AGEs), and when you have more of this your skin suddenly becomes less elastic.

The Sun Isn’t Without Its Flaws

In an ideal round, most of us would welcome year-long sunshine. The problem is that most of us don’t quite understand the repercussions this can have on our skin.

Again, it’s all related to skin damage. While it might seem as though the sun is doing wonders for your facial glow – over the long-term the effects aren’t anywhere near as positive. Studies have shown that it isn’t just one of the main causes behind skin cancer, but it is also something that can boost the prevalence of wrinkles.

The worst thing of all is that this damage can even occur on a cloudy day. In other words, even if the sun isn’t shining brightly, don’t forget that it is still present and can cause you damage when you are least expecting it.