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How can you remove a callus from your feet? The first thing that you all think about right now is to use a scalpel or knife. This is the worst way you can use and it will probably end with an injury. You must avoid it at all cost. Luckily, there are 4 simple ways you can use.

1. Electric Callus Remover

An electric callus remover for feet is probably the best way. It allows for you to safely and gently remove callus from your feet within minutes and you can use it indefinitely. You can also use it for other body parts. A device of this kind usually comes with a sanding roller that is used to sand of the callus from the feet and leave soft and gentle skin. Some models require AA batteries, while others are powered by a Lithium-ion battery.

2. Gel for Removing Callus

This is a common, yet completely different technique than the one you just saw. All you will have to do is to apply the gel to the feet, leave it like that for 5 minutes and peel of the callus deposit. You are done. These gels come with gloves and ‘’socks’’ that should be used during the process. They can be used for other body parts as well, but they are primarily designed for feet, due to the fact callus is usually thicker there.

3. Cream for Removing Callus

If you are looking for the gentlest way to remove callus, the best callus remover cream is the perfect answer. Keep in mind that these are special creams designed and made for this purpose only. They work slowly and you will need days to completely remove the callus. But, as you remove it, your skin will be hydrated and moisturized. This simply means that your skin will look better and completely natural once the process is done. You will also protect your feet from callus so it won’t re-appear.

4. Manual Callus Remover

Manual callus removers give you the total control. You can use them for feet, elbows, and hands and they can even be paired with gels for removing callus. Basically, you will use gel to remove the biggest part of callus and then you can use manual remover for touches and removing it from surrounding areas. Yes, manual removers do require plenty of time, but they are extremely effective and they are the best if you want to remove callus from a specific body part. They are also the most affordable, so you definitely should have one in your bathroom and use it after or during a shower.


We ranked the best ways for removing callus according to the experiences of the users who tried them all. Be free to use any of these methods, just make sure to follow the instructions on the package. They are usually different and they maybe unique according to the product. Anyway, you can choose between faster, slower or more detailed callus removal.


  1. I am suffering from calluses in my feet for sometime now, I will be definitely trying these methods to get rid of callus.

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