Drugs for Weight Loss

The use of prescription weight loss drugs has often been marketed as a quick fix for weight loss. Honestly, the secret to weight loss is eating less and moving more which many believe can be achieved through taking weight loss pills.

The TV and magazines present ads that promise how the pills will increase your energy, boost your metabolism and even enable you to lose weight. The truth about these claims is that most are not backed up by any clinical research. They may help you lose weight but may hold hidden dangers to your health.

Therefore, it’s important to know the right weight loss products to use, by consulting a qualified doctor. Here are the dangers of using prescription drugs for weight loss;

1. Increased Heart Rate

People who are obese are at risk of dangerous health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. Besides, too much weight can strain the heart. As a result, the heart muscles weaken.
The use of weight loss drugs can result in similar heart problems.

The drugs contain stimulants which are meant to make you more alert with less interest in food. The prescription drugs increase the body metabolism which consequently leads to an increased heart rate.

This may be beneficial for people who have a hard time resisting food. However, for people susceptible to atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) the stimulants may result in an AFib episode.

2. Kidney Problems

While you may think that prescription drugs for weight loss are safe, they have been linked to various kidney problems. A common ingredient in diet pills is Ephedra which plays a role in increasing the body metabolic rate causing your body to burn excess calories than usual.

The ingredient causes kidney stones according to the National Institute of Health. The drug has, however, been banned but manufacturers still find different ways to modify the drug to produce different molecules but with similar side effects as Ephedra.

There is also this notion that herbal supplements are safer to use for weight loss than pharmaceutical drugs. However, it doesn’t mean that natural is always safe, in fact, the most toxic substances exist naturally. For instance, aristolochic, a Chinese herb, was once used to make diet pills but was later discovered to cause the kidney to shut down.

3. They May Cause Addiction

Just like amphetamines, the modern prescription pills for weight loss can cause dependence and addiction. They cause an increase in energy as well as feelings of euphoria which may lead to addiction. Adderall is one of the most popular (and most addictive) prescription drugs for weight loss.

The weight loss pills contain highly addictive substances such as caffeine, ephedrine and various herbal stimulants which can result in severe side effects. Some of the common adderall side effects include depression, memory loss, and paranoia.

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People who have an addiction to the appetite suppressants medication may experience hallucinations, stomach pains, tremors mood swings just to mentions a few signs. If you or your loved one has an addiction, it’s important to consult a professional for help.

4. Digestive Problems

Most prescription weight loss pills work by blocking fat absorption. This affects you digestive processes which may lead to digestive disorders. Some of them cause anal discharge and frequent bowel movements and may even result in diarrhea.

When taking these pills, you should avoid high fat foods as this can heighten the chance of developing digestive disorders. If diarrhea symptoms become severe, you may experience dehydration and lethargy. Some people develop nausea on taking certain pills such as Zonisamide.

5. Insomnia

Prescription weight loss drugs that contain high levels of stimulants may make you feel as if you’ve been drinking excessive coffee and energy drinks. Just like coffee and energy drinks, the weight loss pills can result in less restful sleep and may result in no sleep at all.

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Lack of sleep may be as a result of nervous thoughts, emotions, and anxiety. Apart from the nighttime frustration, you may experience depressed mood in the day time as well as the need for additional stimulants. Once you get used to taking the stimulants every day, your sleeping problems may be accelerated causing even other problems.


If you are in need to lose weight, you should consult a professional on how to take prescription weight loss drugs in a safe and healthy manner. Your doctor will direct you on the best pill to use and how to use it.