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You are not scared of any on field defender who is crowding you or a competitor who thinks he can give you a solid competition. Neither can your stupid knee pain or joint pain can keep you off the field. You would just get ready the very next day by wearing those compression gears. But one thing that can hurt any athlete’s training regime is the winter weather.

Winter can be really tough on hardworking athletes — no biking, no running and no outdoor workouts. But by taking some precautions and considering a few alternatives of outdoor workouts, athletes can keep their mind and bodies active during winters as well.

Take Advantage Of The Weather

When your local area is completely covered with snow and the temperature is below freezing point, get dressed cautiously for exercise. Get some extra winter gears and head to the winter playground. Play some football, if the roads around are clear, there is no harm in sprinting as well. Play, play and play — how about a winter baseball field like the one in Vampire movie, it is fun and a major calorie burner. Your speed remains unaffected during winters even by playing baseball consistently. But make sure, you keep yourself safe from various skin infections, frost bites and hypothermia.

Involve Yourself In Winter Sport

Since, the snow and sleet won’t let you do your favorite fitness regime — running, so you can try some ice sports. Buckle up and bring on that running enthusiasm in you and give ice skating a try at your local ice rink. Visit the place and strap on the skates and try it. You can burn some major calories while even trying — tripping and falling. You will definitely feel the same as you feel after workout, the next day. So, enjoy this fun sport.

Try A New Sport

Being an athlete, your ultimate workout is either running or cycling. It is important not only for your physical benefits, but also for emotional and mental releases. But when winters make you avoid this routine, you still have a choice by indulging in some indoor sports.

Squash and racquetball are some of the best indoor sports for athletes to keep up the intensity of the workout. Here, you don’t have an option to take a break like you have while running on a treadmill. Your goal is just to hit that solid bouncy ball. In racquetball, workout is just magical – you sprint and change directions so quickly that you are almost wet due to the sweat at the end of the game. Squash also has excellent all-around health benefits including strengthening the legs, glutes and core. Make sure you bath with an all natural soap after that because, winter cold and sweat can be really harsh on your hygiene.

Keep A Calorie Check

In winters, you tend to eat more than you did in summers, that too with very little exercise as compared to summers. All this leads to weight gain in winters. So, keep checking your weight every week because unless you are aware of how much you gained, you won’t be able to lose. Try to cut back on your meals or portion sizes, if your are not exercising accordingly. Instead of filling up your stomach with juices and sodas, drink only water. Though in winters it is hell of a job to taste water, but by slightly warming it up, you can save yourself.

Swim And Bike

These sports explain an athlete and there is nothing better than swimming for burning calories and strengthening your muscles. Similarly, the benefit of indoor cycling is extremely rewarding when you push yourself, it helps you burn almost 700 calories in an hour. Enjoy indoor training by pumping up some music, relaxing noises and more such entertainments. Even more than biking, swimming has lesser risk and greater rewards involved. It is an awesome aerobic workout, moreover you are not going to get injured with it like in other outdoor or indoor sports.

And when it comes to indoor running, treadmills are your best friend as its easy manipulation helps you force yourself into a speed workout and helps you avoid inactivity in winters.

So, mug up all these points literally and do not let winter weather avoid your workout regime. Stay fit by adopting indoor workouts if outdoor is impossible, but do not skip it. Since, you are an athlete, don’t neglect your workout process.