Shoulders and legs workout routine for men

Often it is a great idea to combine two muscle groups in the same routine as it saves time and you can exercise more parts of your body.

A typical combination is deltoids (shoulders) and legs. However, the training of these two major muscle groups can be exhausting if certain precautions are not taken.

If you go to train shoulders and legs on the same day, you will be exercising a group of small muscles (shoulders) with a large muscle groups (legs); it will be a pretty demanding day; do not train these muscles the same day if you have not slept well. The following tips will be of great help in making a helpful training day.

1.  If you’re going to combine shoulders and legs at the same meeting, trains shoulders first.

It is true that the legs are usually more demanding, but if you train at the beginning of the session, there are chances that you get tired and do not get expected results during the shoulder training, so deal with shoulders first and then put all your efforts into the legs as we do in turbulence training review.

2.  Have Shoulder Compound Exercises

We call those compound exercises that use more than one muscle in its realization; in the case of shoulders, for example, the press is a compound exercise because it involves not only the deltoid, but trapezius, triceps and pectorals.

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Insulation exercises, however, involve almost entirely to a single muscle such as lateral flights, which mostly use deltoid and especially the middle. If you train compound shoulder exercise like shoulder press with barbell or dumbbells, military press, you will be favoring the volume or muscle growth.

You can do isolation exercises like flights in another session, shared with another muscle group.

3.  Four Exercises Per Muscle Group Will Suffice

Four exercises for shoulders and four for legs will suffice. If you overdo it, you probably will not get to the objective of training both with equal dedication.

Four exercises should be enough if they are executed according to the correct and strict form, and with reasonable break, which is not less than one minute, between sets and about three or four minutes between exercises.

4.  Have Legs Compound Exercises

As with the shoulders, it is best to concentrate on exercises that yield more results like squats, quadriceps press, deadlift and femoral stretcher involving buttocks, which never hurt.

You can train the rest of the leg sharing the area with other muscle on a different day.

5.  Stretch Between Exercises

One of the prior reasons for stretching is to carry blood to the area to be worked to feed the most of the muscle fiber. In this case, the importance is double for the two muscle groups that work.

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Have shoulder stretch before and at the end of the session, and proceed in the same way with legs to achieve the goal of training correctly.