5 Lessons Physique Training Will Teach You About Life

When somebody looks at you and it’s obvious that you work out and watch your diet, then they immediately assume that this is your lifestyle and fitness is everything you do.

And you can’t really blame them, because what do the fitness magazines and supplement companies promote?

Living lifestyle like a bodybuilder.


Fitness is no longer a way to be fit and healthy and enjoy your life, it’s about spending every minute of your day and every dollar of your budget on this area.

Thanks to media people often times became obsessed with fitness, addicted to it and it becomes their identity.

But nobody wants to live like that, you and me, we all just want to look good and enjoy our lives!

Here is what I believe to be the best approach – You should make your physique a priority. It really needs to be that important for you in order to get and stay in a great shape, however aside going to the gym and spending a few minutes on planning and tracking your results and maybe preparing some meals, there is no real reason to do more in your day.

Fitness and especially physique training should be about making your life better and simpler, not worse and more complicated.

Once you understand this, we can move on and start talking about how can fitness make your life better and life lessons can it teach you.

Out of shape people don’t realize this, because they haven’t been through the process, but the transformation from overweight or skinny guy into a ripped man is both physical and mental.

1. What Dictates Your Mood

Researchers are finding new data on our bodies all the time. And one of the studied subjects is obviously body fat. We were always lead to believe that body fat is just a stored energy in your body. Well, it is starting to look that it functions as an organ and sending various signals to your brain.

It’s no surprise that fit people are usually in a way better mood than unfit.

Obviously when you take a look in a mirror and you see a fit, good looking physique and you will also receive compliments on daily basis, you will definitely have a better mood than if you were overweight and afraid of taking your shirt off.

Dissatisfaction with your own body and being socially ignored will lead to depression and probably overeating. And once you get into that cycle, it’s really hard to break out of it.

However, the negative mood might also be a result of having too much fat in your storage, in other works it could be that your fat storage is just sending signals to your brain that are making you moody and depressed.

Another reason to lose that beer belly.

2. You Should Challenge Yourself Every Day

Another thing you will learn is how to challenge yourself and why is it important.

A very few people actually know their limits. Physical activity and especially strength training or physique training will show you just how strong you are and how much you can improve in your life.

Imagine that you will go to the gym, do an intense workout, fully focus on yourself and the routine, train properly and follow your plan and put 100% into it. What effect do you think it will have on you as a person? Do you think you will have just a normal, stressful or boring day like hundred times before?

Hell no.

If you start your day with a good workout routine and set the tone right, then nothing will surprise you and you will handle all your regular daily challenges and tasks like nothing. Everything will seem brighter and you will see new ways of handling the problems that you haven’t seen before.

The daily challenge in the gym will make you stronger not just at a gym, but in your life in general.

However, it all comes down to whether you are willing to put in the little effort every day into your workouts or not. So, are you?

3. How to Gain Control over Your Life

More fit you are, more in control of your life you will be.

I really believe that you should handle “yourself” first before you focus on anything else.

Most people are not successful and they never even think about approaching their life with this attitude. They try to affect everything around them and everyone else, but a very few people actually stop, figure out how to handle their lives first so they can actually make a difference and help others.

Even when you are in a plane you are told to put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then on your kid.


Well, if you pass out, you are no good to anyone, so it’s logical to secure yourself first.

Most people just don’t get this.

If you want to attract more successful people and attractive women into your life, you need to handle “yourself” first and create a lifestyle that other people will want to be part of.

…And then go from there…And it all starts with solid physique training routine and getting in a killer shape.

It’s really “handle your body, handle your life”. Get this area under control and you will get control over your life as a whole and be the one who decides what to do and who do you want to hang out with or be around.

Based on my own experience and on experience of other people I also believe that this is the only way to truly become successful.

4. What Is Core Confidence

This will probably not come as a surprise, but in my opinion still needs to be addressed correctly.

Most people don’t really understand confidence.

The way I see it is, that there are several states of confidence:

  • Situational confidence – This confidence people have in some kind of activity that they are really good at, but it is limited to that activity
  • Fake confidence – Most guys try to fake the confidence, but people will eventually find out and women can smell this sh!*t for miles, so don’t even try to fake it
  • Lack of confidence
  • True CORE confidence

Let’s think about the last two, which I find particularly interesting.

You can lack confidence completely and be some insecure wussy OR you can take the time, handle your life and through challenges and struggles gain what is called the core confidence. That will mean that you will have strong presence and confidence in ANY situation no matter where you are or what happens.

That’s what you should aim for and getting in shape and building a powerful physique will help you build the core confidence.

Just remember that you need to go through hell, push yourself to your limits (or beyond them) to really have that inner unshakable confidence that other people don’t.

5. Physique Is Crucial

It’s funny, but you will never hear a fit person say that looks and health don’t matter. However, you will hear lots of average and unfit people tell you that it’s not important and you can get great results in your life without looking good and handling your physique. Well, that’s a big fat lie and you can’t get successful without it, because your life will be always missing something if you are not in shape.

People that say looks doesn’t matter have never been in a shape themselves and have never experienced the effects it has on one’s life. And this is their excuse of not taking the time and putting the effort to get in shape.

Being in shape HAS TO BE A PRIORITY for you, because it really is the foundation of your life.

Realize that you only have one body and you are not getting a new one (at least not any time soon).

So, lose fat and build a great looking body through some good physique training program and you will have a life that most people only dream about.

Summary of the lessons that physique training will teach you about life:

  1. What dictates your mood – Looking great and having less body fat will translate into more happiness and satisfaction with yourself
  2. You should challenge yourself every day both in the gym and outside the gym
  3. How to gain control over your life – Get in shape and you will start taking charge of your whole life quickly
  4. What is core confidence – By getting in shape, you build a confidence that is not limited to some situation or activity, you will always make a powerful presence
  5. Physique is crucial – Getting and staying in shape has to be a priority for you

With having your physique handled it will be easier to be the person you really want to be.

So, what you are waiting for?

Now it’s your turn. Share with us your story, how fitness helped you create a better life and where it helped you. Is being in shape a priority for you, why? The My Beauty Gym community wants to hear from you!


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