5 quick and easy healthy diet food

Building the perfect beach body or boosting your health significantly is about a lot more than just spending as much time as humanly possible in the gym or out pounding the pavement on a run.

Sure, spending your time in the gym intelligently and moving through a focus routine will definitely help you fast track your body transformation results – but the food that you use to fuel your body is going to make the biggest difference.

As they say in the world of professional bodybuilding, physiques aren’t made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen!

Thankfully, more and more people are waking up to the realization that by choosing smarter and healthier food options on a daily basis they have more control over their health, their wellness, and their fitness than ever before.

This is a game changer.

In order to help jump start your progress, we’ve put together five really simple and straightforward meal options that you are going to love. Each of these are designed to provide your body with everything you need to lose weight and pack on lean muscle mass, giving you the body (and the good health) you’ve always wanted!

#1. Protein Powder Pancakes

These aren’t the kind of pancakes that your mama used to make, that’s for sure!

All you need to create these Protein Powder Pancakes is a little bit of protein powder, some rolled oats, a little bit of butter, and a small amount of water just to make everything mixed nicely with each other.

The protein powder will give your muscles a big boost to speed up recovery and repair, the rolled oats will help fuel long-term energy thanks to these complex carbohydrates, and the butter gives you just a touch of fat to make these pancakes nice and tasty!

#3. A Quick Protein Shake With Your Favorite Fruit

While you have to be careful about eating too many simple carbohydrates (because they can be so effortlessly transformed by your body into fat) immediately following your work out, there is nothing better to help fight fatigue and give you a jolt of energy than a protein shake with your favorite fruits thrown in.

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Toss together a spoonful of protein powder with bananas and strawberries, for example (with just a bit of water or ice, depending on how cold you want your protein shake to be) and blend together until you get your desired consistency.

#3. A Little Bit Of Humus With A Whole-Grain Pita

While some people are going to go the “steak and eggs” route when it comes to a recovery focused meal, if you’re looking for something a little bit lighter that won’t weigh you down quite as much a plate of hummus and whole-grain pitas are the way to go.

You’ll get a nice amount of protein and some complex carbohydrates in you, providing the building blocks you need to recover from your workouts.

#4. Braised Chicken Thighs With A Mushroom Sauce

The beautiful thing about chicken is not just that it’s one of the best muscle building foods out there, but that it also happens to be one of the least expensive sources of lean protein as well!

Load up on chicken thighs (they’re cheaper than breasts and have a lot of extra flavor) and braise them in a pan with chicken stock. As the braising liquid evaporates you’ll want to throw in some sliced mushrooms to cook down and make a fantastic sauce.

About three quarters of the way through cooking, flip your chickens upside down so that the skin is in contact with the pan to crisp them up nicely.

#5. Sautéed Spinach With Garlic And Shallots

Popeye was definitely on to something when reached for a can of spinach to help his muscles grow! And though you aren’t going to want to eat your spinach out of the can if you don’t have to, you are going to want to get more of this superfood into your daily diet ASAP.

Simply sauté spinach in a saucepan over medium heat with garlic and some minced shallots and you’ll have a tasty snack that’s light on calories but also loaded with everything your body needs to get healthy!