Why Women Should Wear Heels

Most of the women have a love-hate relationship in wearing high heels. You are probably saying, I love the way it makes my figure accentuate and then I hate the pain that causes your foot when walking in them.

Usually when you don’t want those pain or aches to arise, in my own opinion I will buy designers or brands that I know really well that I can walk all day long in them. You should get heels that fit your feet, don’t get too big or too small, just the right fit every time. Learn how to walk in heels like a pro, without pain.

Some heels I fluctuate in different sizes so always try on all the heels in your size and walk in that store and see if you want to buy them or not.

Here are some of my reasons that you should wear heels and own pairs and don’t be afraid! 🙂

1. You Will Add Height to Yourself and its Great Even if You’re Tall! Taller the Better

Sometimes women don’t like to wear heels is because you become taller and some people don’t want to be tall for some odd reason. I am 5’10 and I will wear heels even if I become 6’4, just date a guy that’s super tall.

There are tons of situations that you will probably want to be tall such as if your 5’2 or petite, you will be able to see over anyone, maybe your boss is really tall and you hate staring up in the air, so just wear your heels. Its really amazing that heels come in different heights so you don’t need to wear stiletto heels all day long!

2. You Can Boost Sex Appeal

women wearing heels boosts sex appeal

When a women wears heels every guy or most guys will be drawn to that and be like, Oh, you are so sexy in those heels. Many men (well maybe my guy friends and the ones I have dated) love heels.

They tell me when you wear those heels you are darn sexy even if you are too tall. Who cares if you are too tall, so if you are 6′ or 6’2, ladies wear those heels you will become more sexy and feel confident in yourself.

3. You Can Personalize Your Shoe to the Touch

Like accessories on your hand or ankle, how about put some sexy jewels or even accessories to your heels. You can add tons of cute features that will make your heels stand out. They have tons of accessories all over the internet for your heels. Weather you are wearing jeans, dresses or even leggings you can always add more accessories.

4. You Will Feel Confident in Those Heels

You Will Feel Confident in Those Heels

Have you ever found the perfect dress and you were like, WOW! I look hot in this, you can do the same with heels. Plus heels will give you a boost of confidence when wearing them, if you feel you are too short or not tall enough put those sexy heels on girl. You will feel powerful, confident and elegant while strutting that outfit with those adorable heels. DON’T forget to make sure your heels fit properly.

5. Your Legs Will Be Accentuated

Heels make anyone’s legs amazing, even if you don’t think it does, IT DOES! Your legs will look really long and toned. Plus walking in them will tone your calves up too and isn’t that sexy ladies?! Yes!

So ladies, don’t forget to wear those awesome heels and don’t be afraid to wear them!