Tips to Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer


Is there anybody who does not desire long, thick, luscious eyelashes? I highly doubt it. Due to their beauty enhancing capability and their protective functions, eyelashes are the single most important and talked about facial features.

Many have used beauty cosmetics to temporarily gain those long, thick, dark, fuller lashes in a moment’s notice.

Without the use of cosmetics and other lash additions, you can now get permanent long healthy lashes. The following tips will guide on the best way to take care of your lashes to make them grow long naturally.

Natural Remedies And Homemade Masks/Serum

  • Natural serums are a combination of various ingredients known to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Two of the major homemade masks known to be effective in stimulating lash growth include:
  • Burdock oil and vitamin E mask. This mask is applied daily to the eyelashes to moisturize and condition them and keep them soft. The serum has the capabilities to lengthen and thicken your lashes.
  • Burdock, castor oil, and aloe vera. This homemade serum is made of equal parts of the three ingredients. A few drops of vitamin E are added to the mixture to act as a conditioner. When applied daily to the lashes, this serum stimulates the growth of thicker, longer, fuller eyelashes.

To Curl Or Not To Curl?

This is a major concern for most women who desire curled lashes. There are concerns raised about using an eyelash curler to curl your lashes.

Eyelash curlers have been associated with eyelash loss. To attain curled eyelashes, the lashes are placed between the two surfaces of the curler and pressed. The two surfaces contain rubber bars that tag on to the lashes to manipulate the shape.

If not done carefully, this tagging and release movements lead to the plucking of lashes from the eyelid. Similarly, constant curling of the lashes leaves them weak making them vulnerable to breaking.

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Be Gentle

While giving attention to your lashes, it is advisable to be very gentle. Treat your eyelashes, eyes and the eye are with care if you intend to achieve great results. This gentleness is needed especially when removing make-up from the eyes.

Vigorous scrubbing and rubbing puts your eyes at risk of being contaminated by the chemicals in the make-up. It also causes irritation and discomfort. Do not tag on your eyelashes as a way of removing dried make-up from the lashes. This may lead to lashes breaking and falling off or detaching from the eyelids.

To facilitate easy removal of make-up, soak your lashes in water to loosen it then gently wipe of the make up using a wet piece of cloth. Treat your eyelashes with care as you would treat any other part of your body. The use of lip balm for eye lashes can help you attain natural curls on your lashes.

Overnight Mascara

Many women use mascara as a way of making their lashes appear longer and darker. Unfortunately, many women equally forget to wash off their make-up at the end of the day. Leaving your mascara on overnight is ill advised. It deprives the face of the much-needed hygiene to ensure healthy skin as well as healthy lashes.

Wearing mascara overnight clogs the pores on the eyelids making eyelash growth difficult. Due to its drying nature, mascara dries out the lashes leaving them dehydrated and brittle. This makes the lashes susceptible to breakage.

If left on during the night, mascara may cause eye irritation and itchiness due to the chemicals included in the ingredients. This may lead to eye infections. Generally, mascara should not be worn overnight. Give your lashes a chance to relax and be fresh.

How To Make Your Eyelashes Grow Using Your Kitchen’s Habitué

Natural oils used in various recipes are beyond common kitchen ingredients. They have the capabilities to stimulate eyelash growth. Oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil are some of the oils praised for stimulating lash growth. They moisturize and condition lashes leaving them soft and breakage free.

Natural oils have the necessary vitamins and minerals to facilitate the growth of healthy eyelashes that appear thicker and longer. The nutrients present assist in developing strong lashes. Apply either of the oils daily during the night to attain the best results. Remember to wash off the oils every morning.


With nature, you can never go wrong. Use natural remedies for that perfect eyelash appearance. With no side effects, natural remedies will give you a long-term solution to your lash problem. Most natural ingredients are readily available making them a convenient way of stimulating the growth of your lashes.

Taking good care of your lashes is an essential step in attaining healthier fuller eyelashes. Stay away from temporary solutions and embrace the permanent solution.