Tips for Shaving the Bikini Area

For most women, there is a big difference between shaving your bikini line and shaving your legs. The bikini line needs more patience as it’s one of the most sensitive areas on the body. Although you may get away with a quick job on some other areas, this area needs more care and attention. Below, we will show you how to get a close and safe shave without causing any problems, such as ingrown hairs and nicks.

Many women have become open when discussing their personal troubles. I have even heard about women buying Brazilian waxes together. I’m a bit more appropriated. I do not generally discuss my shaving habits. But the truth is, during bikini time, I thought it was essential that college girls realize there are many choices when considering hair removal options.

You do not need to look for an extra-wide set of unappealing bikini underside to prevent a seaside embarrassment, you do not need to stroke on sketchy chemical ingredients that magically disintegrate your hair, and you don’t need to present your hoo-ha to some complete stranger! Shaving your bikini area could be simple and easy, painless, and without having irritation following these simple steps:

#1. Shaving Cream

Although there are many girls who do suggest utilizing a waxing cream for the bikini area, personally, I think it is annoying. Common cleaning soap is not the best option, as it might cause irritation. I personally use my special shower skin gels to do this. But, for those who do not believe it’ll meet your needs, try out professional waxing kits from Ellisons. Search for one for sensitive skin and once again, usually try out a small sector of the bikini area to begin with.

#2. Look at Your Present Electric Razor

Not every bikini trimmer has the high quality. Take a look at your present razor. You need to throw it away when you find it only has less than three blades. To get the perfect shave, invest in a well-worked multi-blade razor. Sometimes, you need to replace the blades after 5 uses as it will result in problems, such as irritation or bumps. For these women who have sensitive skin, a bikini trimmer comes with a thick moisturizing strip which will be helpful.

Once you have the correct razor take time when shaving. As hair from the bikini area grows haphazardly it’s hard to understand the path of hair regrowth. Thankfully, you don’t have to shave the same direction of hair growth. You are able to shave towards or using the grain if it feels comfy – find what works for you.

Shaving bikini area

#3. Apply Soft Strokes

One common mistake that most women make when shaving their bikini area is applying quick and hard strokes. Although this might appear to be an answer when you have limited time, it isn’t the ideal way to shave. Always utilize gentle strokes as soon as shaving. Don’t push the electric razor on the skin. Instead, it ought to lightly graze.

#4. Care for Your Skin

Now that your bikini line is hair free you need to ensure that your skin doesn’t get back with redness or bumps that will result in in-grown hairs. Therefore it’s the best time to treat the region. Just a little baby powder can do the technique because it prevents moisture and friction out of irritating your skin.

A good witch hazel and baby powder can be effective in treating this area. Most of these ideas are wonderful but bear in mind you have to make use of an excellent ladies razor, and remember don’t use the exact same razor for the legs that you employ for your bikini line.

#5. Lather Sparingly

Any time you use shaving cream, don’t use it excessively. Lather moderately for the closest cut possible. Making use of excessive shaving cream can result in your electric razor to become dull. When you have finished shaving be sure to wash your electric razor and also remove extra shaving cream.


  1. Your nickname is “butterfingers,” huh? Then you may want to avoid taking scissors to such a precious area. You’re going to need to get super close, so if the idea of a snip snip here and a snip snip there makes you a little nervous, opt for the electric trimmers. With these, the blade can only get so close to your skin.

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