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Are you the kind of person who spends a lot of time sitting or laying down but who wants to change that? It can be tough to get free from a sedentary lifestyle once you have made a habit of it. You may have a desire to be more active, lose weight or get fit, but lack the drive to do so. Perhaps every time you try to be more active, you start to feel miserable and sore and just can’t keep it up.

We have come up with a few of the best ways to get out of this rut and start being more active. These tips will change your life if you implement them, and they work well for people no matter how inactive they tend to be.

1. Make Exercise a Part of Your Life

If exercise is difficult for you and something that you don’t enjoy, then you need to make it a habit. Take the things you do every day and make them opportunities to exercise.

When you clean your house, work at a faster pace until your body starts to sweat. The heightened movement will work your muscles more and help you to burn more fat. Lana from Diamond Cleaning Calgary Ca You’re more likely to make mistakes at first, but since it is simple housecleaning tasks you are doing, it should not be a big deal.

When you go to work, try jogging instead of walking. Try walking instead of driving or taking the bus. If you take the bus from a far distance, then get off the bus earlier and walk the extra distance. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Just doing these little things can make a huge difference, especially if you incorporate them into your life on a daily basis.

2. Change What You Eat

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We’re not talking about a diet plan here but rather a different approach to eating just as much food and having just as many snacks as before. You can still eat late at night and have something sweet between meals. The difference is that you need to start eating healthier. Instead of grabbing a soda, have some water. Instead of eating a cookie or a candy bar, have some fruit. You’re not losing out on anything but fat and calories this way. You still get to have all your regular eating times, but if you make healthier choices, then it will be easier to exercise.

You see, when you eat a lot of sugar and fats, your body slows down. You get little bursts of energy that make you feel drained later on and make it harder for you to become active. If you drink water instead of juice, soda or coffee, then your body will start to get rid of toxins. You will feel better and have more energy throughout the day.

Instead of a doughnut for breakfast, you can have some yogurt and fruit or oatmeal. The fiber and vitamins will make a huge difference in how active you feel for the rest of the day.

Cutting down your portion sizes is also a good idea, but you can start just by eating healthier foods. Some healthy food may not be very appealing, and you may just feel like skipping a meal here or there instead of eating, and that’s helpful too. A little fasting every now and then can make a big difference on your metabolism and how well your body burns fat and sugar.

3. Make Working Out Fun

One of the big problems that people have with exercising is that is just does not appeal to them. They feel bored if they do it for long, and they feel like they are missing out on something that is more immediately rewarding and pleasurable. So, why not incorporate those other things you like to do into your workout?

You can watch television while you work out or listen to music while you jog. You don’t have to give up your TV time to exercise. If you incorporate the things you love into your exercise routine, then you won’t notice how long you have been working out and you will be able to go for longer without feeling bored or tired.

4. Be Accountable

If you promise yourself that you will exercise more and become more active, then if you break that promise, no one knows that you did. However if you tell your friends or family members that you are going to make some changes, and you don’t follow through with that, you have to be accountable to them. Your friends will likely call you out on your behavior or ask you about how your exercising is going. These people will keep you motivated to do what you promised to do, and the accountability can help you to keep up with your exercising even when you don’t feel like it.

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You can even bring someone along when you jog or do your workouts. Having a partner makes a big difference, even if they are not participating at the same level as you. It’s not important whether they are working out or not, but the company and the accountability are great for you. They will make you stay in the exercising game a lot longer and try to perform better so that you can look good for your friends.

5. Use Motivational Pictures

You’ve likely seen motivational posters hanging on the walls of gyms or offices. These are actually great tactics to get the body or lifestyle that you want. Hang a picture where you work out or right by your mirror or bed. You can use a picture of the body you want to have or simply an inspiring quote to keep you going when you don’t feel like going. It may seem silly, but it really works, and after a while, you may not need it anymore.

We have come up with a few of the best ways to get out of this rut and start being more active. These tips will change your life if you implement them, and they work well for people no matter how inactive they tend to be.


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