Workouts For The Elderly

There is no denying that exercising is the best way to stay healthy and enjoy a long life. However, as age progresses chances are that we feel fragile and often reluctant to get up and get going for the day. The truth of the matter is as we grow old, it is important to exercise more and more to stay active mentally as well as physically. 

With age comes an avalanche of health ailments and problems. That is the reason the elderly in our society need to get into the workout mode, but they need to do it safely. If you know someone or are yourself a senior person who is planning to start a workout routine we are here to help you with the things you need to consider before starting a daily workout regime. 

Don’t worry, all these steps and suggestions are simple and easy to follow and will make your workout more effective and safer.

1. Medical help is necessary, visit your doctor

Before picking an exercise routine, it is advisable to get in touch with the doctor and get all your vitals checked. This will give you a clear idea about what kind of workout will work for you and what part of your body needs special attention. Not everybody has the same health requirement which is why you need to know what is your Achilles heel and how you can work on it.

2. Get equipment and find the space

Before you start any exercise, it is important to get the right types of equipment for your workout routine. For example, if you are planning to include yoga in your workout routine, you need to get a yoga mat right away. Without a proper structure, you won’t be able to get the rightful benefits of the same.

3. Don’t do it all alone

Your age simply increases your fragility and therefore having a person beside is always good. Having a workout partner helps to improve your motivation levels and keeps you safe and sound. Now, all you need to find someone with the same level of love for fitness or even more, maybe. According to research by the Society of Behavioral Medicine, working out with a partner is utterly helpful. You can also include some friends in the process. Who knew working out with your old mates could be so fun?

4. Get A Professional Trainer

Before you start working out on your own, you need to start with professional guidelines. You can get help online as well, but don’t start something without going through the proper process. For example, if you are looking to start a yoga practice, you need to get in touch with an expert who can guide you in the right way. 

5. Don’t ignore any pain

While exercising if you feel any pain or any strain in your muscles, don’t simply ignore it. In old age, the smallest pain can turn into a huge problem if left unaddressed. Therefore, it is always advisable to go to a doctor immediately instead of going for self-treatment. 

6. Pick the right exercise

Many forms of exercise for seniors are available in the world of fitness! From yoga to an aerobic workout, different workouts suit different people. When you are on the advanced side of aging, you need to think of your physical condition and pick a suitable form of exercise.


Even the slightest mistake in the case of an elderly workout routine can lead to a menace. It has to be a well-thought-out process and even though a workout routine is always beneficial, it has to be done in the right way for best results. If you are helping an aged parent to start exercising or looking for working out yourself, these tips can greatly help you. You may not see results immediately – but it will happen! As they say, good things come to those who wait. Happy exercising!